Box Spring: Why You Might Need It

In recent times, despite the increase in technology that has made life enjoyable and so easy to live, there might be reasons to go back to some of the old methods of doing things. For your beddings, you might decide to go old style because you feel so. Needing a box spring for your mattress depends so much on the individual that wants to set up his/her bedroom space.

Irrespective, your feelings can not be enough to give a better reason to need a box spring. Here are some other possible reasons which you might need to know when considering the need for one.

Box spring

A box spring is a support that is simply placed below your mattress to make your sleep sound, peaceful, and not create body aches for you whenever you wake.  Box springs are constructed in the same size as that of a mattress.

The mattress will fit well if the box spring is missing. Just as the mattress provides support for the human body, the mattress relies on the box spring for support too. This shows that if the box spring is faulty, you will not have a comfortable rest.  There are many other bed protectors you did not know about that you can buy here.

Why You Might Need a Bed Spring?

1. Adjustable Bed Frame

The type of bed frame you use will determine if you will need a box spring. When you use an adjustable bed frame,  there is the possibility that you do not need a bed frame. As the name implies, it allows changing the mattress position such as the height that aids the good and sound sleep. Having an adjustable bed frame makes you not need a box spring.

2. Collapsible Bedframe

This bed frame is made of metal. All metal bed frames do need box springs. Collapsible bed frames do not provide enough bed support for a mattress. If you have one, put in mind that you will change the support gear by getting a more reliable box spring.

It can be ignored only if you can manage the body pain you will experience at later times because it will not protect your body well and your sleep will be poorer night after night.

3. Warranties

To build trustful related relationships between sellers or producers with buyers, warranties were included in product purchases. With warranties, a buyer will be rest assured that he/she can bring back a product if not satisfied or if damaged. You can learn how to get a mattress with a warranty online here.

For mattresses, sellers do emphasize using a box spring if the buyer wants to enjoy a full warranty on the product. It is only by then the seller can be sure the buyer is not taking advantage of the included warranty.

The benefits of getting a mattress warranty will make the buyer buy a box spring to qualify for his/her mattress. In this case, there is no doubt you need one. It is certain. Hurry up and get one, that product warranty is for you.

4. Aesthetics

Your bedroom is your privacy and you will like to beautify it to your taste. The aesthetics you out in your room will depend on how creative if you are a lover of arts or you just want a random gentle color and design.   

Your choice of bed designs will be the framework of the aesthetics you include in your room. Bed designs dictate the bedframe you will use in making your bedroom look so fantastic and appealing.

Choosing the aesthetics that require your mattress to be placed on your rug will not need you to buy a box spring but going for a raised mattress will. The height level might vary also. If you want a not-so-low one, you might be wrong with a need for a box spring.

Besides, the color must blend with the cool colors you want to apply to the other parts of your room. Choosing the wrong color application will make your room undesirable for you or any member of your family. It will look weird. Your aim is to make it beautiful, you should do everything necessary to make it so.

5. Ease of Leaving Your Bed

A raised mattress is easier to jump off after a sound sleep because the height levels are balanced. Unlike a low mattress, it stresses your legs and joints when you stand to tackle the delivery of the morning.

The very first time you do this might be simple, but repeating it will be tiring and you will want a change. This is why a box spring will be better support for your mattress if you value the essence of leaving your bed with ease for the day’s work.

6. Two Sided-Mattress

Not all two sided-mattresses come with a comfort enhancer. If your producer or seller gave you a two-sided mattress without a comfort enhancer, you will need to buy a box spring. It will help out in creating better comfort and durability for both mattresses.

Box spring

7. Reinforced Bed Frame

As earlier said, the bedframe you choose plays a major role in determining if you will need a bed frame or not. The reinforced bed frame is similar to the collapsible bed frame. It is also made out of metal. It is slightly comfortable compared to the collapsible bed frame.

More reason why the choice of buying a box spring for your reinforced bed frame depends if wish to. Not all of the frames need a box spring. It comes with a frame that can relatively support your body weight while sleeping.  

If you wish to buy a box spring, it simply means you are providing additional support for your sleep. The reinforced bed frame serves also the purpose of protecting your mattress. It prevents it from wearing out. Having one is not a bad idea.

Difference Between a Box Spring and a Foundation

Is there any difference between a box spring and a foundation? I earlier told you that a bedspring is the foundation of your mattress because it provides the needed support for your mattress which in turn supports your body for a night of better sleep and rest. A foundation and a mattress are the same.

When you are ready to buy your box spring, hop into these stores to do so with ease.

  1. Bens
  2. Walmart

Alternatives to Box Spring

  1. Platform beds
  2. Mattress slats
  3. Milk Crate Bed Case
  4. The floor
  5. Innerspring mattress
  6. Memory foam mattress
  7. Adjustable bed
  8. Hybrid
  9. Wood slat


Bringing to an end reasons why you might need a box spring, the desire to raise your bed to a level and have a solid foundation to support your mattress are the main reasons why you should go for a box spring. They are available at all mattress stores and they are cheap on average. Your personal taste could also influence your need for a box spring if you would like to spice up the aesthetics of your bedroom.