How Long Does Your Mattress Last?

Mattresses are of different kinds and the rate at which they last is proportional to the kind of mattress in mention. Many factors can affect how long a mattress lasts. Of all factors that influence how long a mattress lasts, how you take care of them is very important. Your mattress can last long for about 7 years minimum and 10 years maximum.

For your children’s mattresses, it is advisable to change earlier than seven years. This is because their mattresses are most times roughly used especially when used as a substitute for a bouncing castle.

Maintaining your bed properly goes as far as making you defy the recommended expiration date of a standard mattress which is for about seven to ten years. It is advised to change your mattresses every seven years at least depending on how well you use them which affects their current condition.


The different kinds of activities practiced on the bed weaken the spring and the surface cloth which shows that such mattress is at its expiration stage and needs a replacement.

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Factors That Influences the Condition of a Mattress

1. Rough Maintenance

As earlier said, the way you maintain your mattress determines if it will last long as you wish. Buying mattresses every time can be tiring and can be a huge investment due to expenses. An average mattress costs about $700. Imagine, buying a new one every three months. That’s spending an unnecessary $2,100 in total.  All because you refused to maintain it properly.

You need to take care of your mattresses and also supervise that of your children. When you take proper care of them, they retain their newness for so many years. Taking care of your mattresses requires you to change your duvets constantly and knowledge of the kinds of mattresses so you can know the best care method to deploy.

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How to Take Care of Your Mattresses

  1. Always make sure you read and apply the manual of your mattress. With this, you will be able to follow the maker specifically on how to care for your mattress.
  2. For your children’s mattresses, prevent them from bouncing every time on it.
  3. Make sure you use a mattress cover or protector. A washable mattress cover is the most recommended because it saves your money than a disposable one.
  4. Do not turn your mattresses to your tray to eat your dishes. The dining is there to give you the best satisfaction you need to when you want to eat not your mattress. It is a wrong improvisation or substitute.
  5. Clean or dust off stains immediately. Do not delay in cleaning stains on your mattress. Failure to do so will allow the stains to remain permanent and difficult to remove unless you want to damage your mattresses.  

 2. Bad sleeping posture

Your sleeping posture can affect the condition of your bed. A person who drools while sleeping is more likely to spoil his/her mattress. Likewise, a rough sleeper that rolls uncontrollably on the bed. As a result, you must learn to be a good sleeper to prevent changing the conditions of your mattress which can result in its frequent change.

3. Buying the wrong bed frame

You need to check how to buy the best mattress and best bed designs here to prevent you from getting the wrong fittings. You should decide on your choice of best bed designs to enable you to get the appropriate best bed and frame. Getting the wrong frame for a good mattress will eventually define how long the mattress lasts.

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Signs to Look for in an Expired Mattress

1. If it is more than  7 years

Seven years after you purchase your mattress, it very necessary to have in mind that replacement is sooner than before. It must not be used for more than 10 years irrespective of whether it was well protected or not.

2. If it sags

Whenever your bed sags, it is an obvious sign that it requires a new one. This means the foam that makes up your mattress is weak. Besides, sagging bedding is not healthy for you because you will not be able to rest well as you deem fit.

It will make you wake up with body aches and the possibility of getting too tired for the new day too. Your health is important and at this point, you should get a replacement immediately.

3. Irremovable stains and smells

Remember it has been mentioned above that taking care of your bed requires you to constantly remove bed stains and dirt on your bed immediately. Not removing them will result in making the stains permanent and stressful to deal with.

For instance, if you have one of your children sleeping in your bed, having an irremovable stain or smell is inevitable because you can not effectively monitor everything your child does in the room.

When stains are permanent, you need to pick the replacement call immediately. A new one will suffice in such an instance but try not to make it repeat itself as you will keep replacing your mattress every moment.

4. Bed bug infestation

Bed bug infestation in your bedroom can be frustrating especially when you have tried your means to eradicate them. Having pests like bedbugs will hinder how comfortable you are whenever you sleep.

Bed bugs are terrible and can multiply at a very high rate if not checked effectively. All they need is to find a warm place and your body to bite. They feed on human blood and hide in tiny spots of your beddings.

A bed affected by the infestation of bedbugs requires a replacement. It is impossible to locate all the hideouts of bed bugs which is why replacement of the infested mattress is the best bet.

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5. Imbalanced Mattress

No doubt, an imbalanced surface to sleep will affect your rest and sound sleep. Mattresses get worn out due to frequent usage which is unavoidable. In the long run, the foam in the mattress weakens and creates dips of lumps all over the surface. At this stage, your mattress needs a replacement. For the betterment of your sleep, take note of this sign and act upon it.

6. If it makes creaky sound

The creaky sound that comes from a bad or weak bed frame affects the nature of your mattress. If you keep on managing a weak bed frame for your bedding, the bad effect spreads to your mattress.

7. Constant pain and aches

You should have some level of reliance in your bedroom because it is your comfort zone. The moment you start getting scared to sleep on your bed due to the pain it causes on your body, you should know the mattress is weak and need a replacement immediately.


Your mattress needs should be prioritized alongside the consideration of the kinds of bed designs you intend to buy because it gives you a proper understanding of how well your mattress would last long.

Apart from that, your maintenance culture is also a factor that affects the longevity of your mattress. You must be able to care for your mattress consistently and in the correct way.