How to Choose a Mattress

Your bed is your fortress after a long day of work. Lying in it is one thing to look forward to when tired, having a bad day, or sleepy. Of course, this is because it is where you can be assured of a good rest to regain all lost energy. That alone is a solid reason to read, research, and ask questions regarding how to choose a mattress.

More than sleep, the mattress is where some people get most of their work done. They love to sit on the soft mattress, recline back against the headrest with their laptops to work. Some others stay in bed and lay on the bed for knitting, reading, and seeing a movie, among other things.

These activities carried out in bed make getting a good mattress necessary. You definitely don’t want to hate the thought of going to bed because you’ve chosen the wrong mattress; no one deserves that. That is why we have compiled this comprehensive guide for you on how to choose a mattress. Your bed’s main constituent, which makes it a bed, is the mattress that lies in it. Therefore, if you want to have a comfortable bed where you’ll wake up eager to start each new day, it’s essential to have a good mattress chosen with the best eye and gathered experience.

Why choose a good mattress

Here are some of the reasons why you should choose a good mattress

1. It helps to get a good sleep

Lay in an uncomfortable bed with a bad mattress all night, and you’ll understand even more why it is necessary to have a good mattress. 

A good mattress helps you sleep well, roll over and sit in comfortably. It saves you the stress of trying to fall asleep on the couch before moving to the bed. With a good mattress, you can be assured that every night’s sleep will be comfortable and different.

Even when you’re resting on your bed and not sleeping, a good mattress will accommodate you and help you to settle in with ease. 

2. It helps to maintain good health

Another importance of a good mattress is that it helps to maintain good health. How? When you sleep in good condition and enjoy all your hours of sleep on a soft bed, you have one less thing to worry about. Also, it’s during our sleep that the repair of tissues takes place. Good sleep prevents high blood pressure as blood pressure reduces when we sleep, it helps the brain and even boosts our mood. It helps to fight germs, control weight, and control blood sugar levels to avoid diseases like type II diabetes.

In all ways, sleep is essential to our health; getting a good one helps your body to relax, recover from burnout and boost your immune system.

3. Reduces chances of a backache

Unless you have other underlying health issues, a good mattress saves you from the aches and pain one can get from sleeping on a bad mattress. A low-quality or poor-quality mattress will make your joints uncomfortable as it may be too hard for you or not suit your sleeping style. Most times, what makes a mattress terrible for you is not the hardness or the softness, but that in combination with other body factors. Therefore, it is essential always to choose a good mattress that will align your body parts and make you feel more relaxed and comfortable every morning, and improve your daily performance.

4. A good mattress supports various activities

Do you love to practice your yoga moves while in bed? It is then vital that you get a good mattress that supports the variety of activities you indulge in. You don’t want a mattress that only supports you sleeping in it when you wish to carry out many other activities in it. 

A good mattress chosen with care and attention to detail is perfect for all activities. Whether you’d like to stay in bed with your partner all day, see a movie from the comfort of your bed, work, knit, and even sew, it accommodates all.

5. Delivers value

Whether your mattress is good or bad, the fact is you paid for it with money or some other token of value. In exchange for that payment, it is expected that you get the value for which you purchased the mattress. With a lousy bed, that won’t be possible as you’ll have complaints about many things. On the other hand, with a good mattress, you feel fulfilled. You get your money’s worth and get to enjoy it without any feelings of guilt or blame. In terms of health, well-being, and investment-wise, you will always feel like you made a good decision.

5 signs it’s time to buy a new mattress 

A lot of people often battle with the decision to get a new mattress. They usually hover around getting it, unsure of what to watch out for and how to conclude that the old mattress has over-served its purpose. 

If you are also not very sure you need another mattress right now, here are five signs it’s time to buy a new mattress

  1. If you are waking up with more aches and body pain than you went to bed with, then it’s definitely time to get a new mattress. Your old mattress has served its purpose and can no longer support your weight or your lifestyle.
  2. If your mattress is older than 7- 10 years ( depending on material), it has lived an excellent lifetime serving you faithfully. If it’s still in good condition, then you may consider using it for purposes other than sleeping.
  3. Is the dip in your mattress so significant now you can almost feel the other end of the mattress? It would be best if you changed it and set out to get a new one. As the years pass, our body leaves an irreparable dent on beds, and they become uncomfortable with time.
  4. When you’ve used your bed for so long or slept it in for so long that even flipping and rotating are not working, it is a telltale sign you need to go to the store for another.
  5. When you don’t feel excited going to bed and would rather sleep anywhere except your bed because your mattress is uncomfortable, you should think about replacing and deciding as soon as possible. 

Read more on how often you should change your mattress.

Types of mattresses 

When you visit the store to get a mattress, you will likely be overwhelmed by the various types of mattresses produced by different manufacturers from all over the world. If you do not have a specific type in mind, you will choose a random one without the necessary considerations. Since you’ll be getting a new mattress, you should check out how we have classified the types based on material.

1. Memory Foam

Memory foam is perfect for side sleepers as they are made with memory foam. They are dense and do not give way quickly to pressure. These characteristics of theirs mean they would not sag or dent easily from body pressure. They also have a deep contouring hug that presses into the mattress and provides pressure relief for parts of the body. This way, they can help the spine align and protect you from backache. 

Memory foam, like all other foam types of mattresses(polyfoam), also has motion isolation. They limit the effect of a sleeping partner’s movement so that they do not wake you up. It’s perfect if you are a light sleeper.

Disadvantageously, memory foams lack the ultra-firm feel which stomach sleepers may seek. This makes it selective as not all sleeper types will enjoy using it.

2. Innerspring

Another type of mattress commonly found in stores is the innerspring mattress. They are made by having layers of steel coils beneath polyfoam layers to support them. This gives the mattress a bouncy and firm feel.

Innerspring is like an upgrade on the memory foam, but with an addition of coils. They are best for back sleepers and stomach sleepers because the spring supports your body while the polyfoam layer cushions it. 

If you sleep hot, the innerspring mattress is ideal for you as they are cooler and more breathable than a foam mattress. It is also suitable if you love sleeping at the edge of your bed or have a heavyweight.

However, if you are looking for a mattress to relieve back pain and other pressure points, innerspring is not ideal.

3. Latex

Latex mattresses are another type of mattress made with polyfoam but supported at the core by natural or synthetic latex comfort layers. It’s a good option if you’re looking for an eco-friendly or organic mattress. They respond quickly to pressure and are bouncy. So yes, they are good for jumping. 

In stores, you’ll find some mattresses with natural latex or synthetic latex; depending on your choice, you can go for any. However, understand that the best quality of latex mattresses are mattresses with 100% natural latex. They are more bouncy and more expensive. As the percentage of natural latex drops to synthetic, the mattress becomes less costly and less bouncy. So you can always make your choice of the type of mattress you want.

Also, if you are looking for pressure point relief, the latex mattress is not for you. They are too soft for that.

4. Airbed

The airbed types of mattresses are inflatable mattresses with no known layer. They can float in water and are firm only based on how much they are inflated. This is an advantage as you can decide the level of firmness you want it to have. 

However, they are made to be used once in a while. The constant use of an airbed mattress may cause body ache. Airbeds are also not very durable as you may need to inflate them from time to time to maintain their size.

They are very breathable, which is remarkable when it’s not the cold season. Often, they get colder at night.

5. Hybrid

Hybrid is made up of an upper part with memory foam or latex and a lower portion with pocketed coils. They are almost like the innerspring mattress except that they are more balanced and therefore support a wide range of sleepers. A back sleeper, stomach sleeper, or side sleeper can use the hybrid mattress without discomfort. 

Hybrid mattresses could be said to be the link between bouncy mattresses and pressure-relieving mattresses as they combine the function of both. They are an improvement on the innerspring mattress. If you are indecisive about the best type of mattress for you, you should choose the hybrid mattress without hesitation.

Because various brands produce the hybrid type of mattress, you must ask questions about the foam used for the mattress’s upper layer. Pick a brand with a layer that you’ll love and enjoy.

How to choose a mattress: Questions to answer

Now that you have decided to buy a new mattress, you must answer some questions about your choice. These questions are the guide that helps you to understand your body and the type of mattress material best for it. Listed below are some of the questions you should ask and answer.

1. What sleeping position is your favorite?

Different people enjoy sleeping in different ways, and that is why we have various sleeping positions. Do you like to lie on your back while sleeping? Or you lie on your sides and even your stomach when sleeping. Some people even switch between these three positions as the night progresses. Answer these questions, and it will help you to determine the type of mattress you should use. Check the types of mattresses above to know the best mattress for your sleeping position.

2. Do you like firm mattresses or soft mattresses?

While at the store, ensure you try out different mattresses to know what feels right for you and your body. Years of using a firm mattress may hasten your answer to this question. However, do not jump to the conclusion that you love a specific type of mattress until you have a feel of them. Your body is not as it was ten years ago, and you didn’t know some of the things you learned about mattresses now years ago. 

Take your time to feel the various scales of firmness and softness before you answer and decide.

3. Are you a heavy sleeper or a light sleeper?

Being a light sleeper means you wake at the slightest movement beside you. Therefore, if you are to get 8-9 hours of sleep without interruption, you need to consider the type of mattress you choose. For light sleepers, mattresses with motion isolation are the best. With them, your partner can get in bed or out of bed without disturbing your sleep. Ask the store assistant to show you mattresses with motion isolation if you are not sure which brands have them.

4. How much do you weigh?

Your weight could also influence the type of mattress you choose. If you weigh more, your mattress will experience sinkage more often. That is why a firmer mattress is more advantageous to you than a really soft one. Most stores have suggested guides for different weight groups; ask the assistant for this and make sure your final choice suits your body well.

5. Do you sleep hot?

Mattresses differ when it comes to being breathable. Therefore, you also have to use your sleeping temperature to determine the mattress type that suits you. If you sleep hot and sweat a lot, then you should be picking a more breathable mattress than other people who sleep cool. It would help if you did not go for mattresses that trap airflow and cause heat. Temperature regulation while sleeping is essential.

6. Will the mattress support you and your partner?

Now, this is one question that causes a lot of back and forth. Body type, sleeping pattern, and temperature range differ from one person to another. So while you may have found the perfect mattress for you, it may not be the choice for your partner. Unless you want to share different beds, you have to compromise- choose a mattress that comfortably serves both you and your partner.

7. How durable is the mattress?

The average lifespan of a mattress is eight years. After this, you can start to look to get another one. Therefore, when choosing a mattress, you need to consider if it will support your weight for years without issue. If it can stand the test of time while still maintaining its quality and serving the intended purposes.

Let the mattress you choose have excellent components and dense foam that will prevent quick indentation.

8. Does the mattress look and feel good?

Ignoring all advice for a few seconds, does the mattress of your choice feel good? Are you looking forward to the nights and days you will spend in it, or are you just not feeling it?

At the end of the day, you’ll sleep in your bed, so ensure that while following guides, you pick a comfortable bed that you’ll love. 

9. What’s your budget?

Budgets can be limiting, yes we know. However, if you have a big budget, do not hesitate to go for a good mattress that will serve you well. 

If your budget cannot cover your choice of a mattress with a particular brand, opt for other brands known for quality and pick one of their mattresses that ticks your boxes.

10. Are you getting a good deal?

Before you leave the retail store with your new mattress, ask yourself if you are getting a good deal. Is the money you have paid totally worth the mattress, or you feel duped? If you are not satisfied with the deal, you could renegotiate, check at other stores or the manufacturer’s website. 

Asking yourself this question helps you to get a good mattress at a reasonable price.

Valuable tips and tricks for when you choose a new mattress

  1. A mattress size determines the number of people it can accommodate. If you have picked your mattress choice, you can ask for it in other sizes based on the number of people who will use it.
  2. Some mattresses support combined sleepers. So if you’re not sure the type of sleeper you are, you can always pick them.
  3. Mattresses are not just firm and soft. There are different grades of firmness and softness between the two extremes. Find the best one for you.
  4. Mattresses also have weight ranges that play a part in their level of firmness.
  5. Some brands or models of mattresses are especially noisy; avoid them if you are a light sleeper.
  6. Bouncy mattresses are the best for couples who have sex.
  7. If you’re buying online, consider the shipping fees and compare them to the cost of buying near you.
  8. Certain mattress brands have return policies that allow you to return a mattress if you are not satisfied. Read up on this based on brand.
  9. Check for what your warranty covers and understand that before purchase.
  10. Shop for a new mattress during the holidays if you want to enjoy discounts and massive sales advantages.


Where can you buy a new mattress?

You can either buy a mattress from a physical (offline) retail store, the manufacturer’s website and store (if you’re brand specific), or an online retail store. Often, retail stores have mattresses from different brands and thus widen your options.

How long does it take to adjust to a new mattress?

It takes about 30 days of sleep before your body adjusts to a change in mattress. So don’t worry if it feels awkward now; you’ll get the hang soon.

How can you tell if a hybrid mattress is good?

You can tell based on the material used for the comfort layer, its thickness, the coil gauge, and the coil type.

Do you need lumbar support for your back pain?

No, you don’t. Get a good mattress with pressure support, and you will complain less about back pain.

What is the best month to buy a new mattress?

You can buy a new mattress at any time. However, target the holiday seasons for discounts.


Choosing a new mattress is very easy when you understand how they work and know what you want. You and your partner’s comfort should top the list if you’re shopping for a mattress for two. Otherwise, you should pick a mattress that works for you, your body and help you relax and boost your activities.