10 Tricks to Make Your Mattress Firmer

Are you a sleeper who loves firm mattresses but do not want to get a new one? Or a sleeper who is tired of sleeping on a mattress that gives back pains? In this post, I will share with you tricks to make your mattress firmer that will ultimately stop the complaints of back pain.

No matter how strong you crave a firm mattress, you should know your sleeping positions because it a major thing to consider when making decisions to get a firm mattress.

Mattresses are bound to lose their firmness due to frequent usage and most especially when they near their expiration period. Notwithstanding you could make a sagging mattress firm to fit your taste if you are not ready to buy a new one online or at stores nearby.

To restore a mattress to its original firmness level here are 10 tricks you can apply. Thank me later.

Bed - tricks to make firm mattress

1. Buy a More Supportive Bed Frame

A bed frame with lots of spaced slats only makes a bed sag quickly. You should get an accurate measurement of your mattress and bed frame, making sure they fit. When you use a better and supportive bed frame, you are on the path to enjoying nights of better sleep.

Are you thinking you might need a box spring when getting a bed frame? No. This should not be one of the reasons to get a box spring because the firmness of the mattress increases when you add a box spring with a supportive bed frame.

2. Change the Temperature in Your Room

Trust you never knew that the temperature of your room has a direct impact on your mattress. A warmer environment makes a mattress softer making it lose its firmness over time. For instance, all memory foam mattresses get softer when they are in warm temperatures. The perfect and recommended bedroom temperature to sleep is 67 oF (19 oC)to 72oF (7 oC). There are three ways to adjust the temperature of your room to meet the goal of a firm mattress.  

  • Adjust your thermostat: adjusting the thermostat of your bedroom to a cold temperature is an option to make your mattress firm.  
  • Use a blackout curtain: the curtains used in your room should be changed to a thermal blackout curtain if you want to make your mattress firm. Thermal curtains are made of extra layers that sieve the air which comes into your room.  
  • Use cooling bedsheets: use only cooling bed sheets to create the needed temperature to make your mattress firm.

3. Turn and Flip Your Mattress Regularly

This process is used to make mattresses last long as pressure is not concentrated on a particular surface. It is also a method to make your bed firm enough to have quality sleep. Using a mattress in the same position gets tiring and creates lots of sags which makes the bed softer. So it is great to flip your mattress from the top to the bottom to have a feel of the unused part of the mattress.

The interesting part of flipping or turning a mattress is that the part you turned restores to its original firmness when you do not use it for some weeks.

4. Replace the Damaged and Worn Out Layers

If you are using beds with layers, relax and count yourself very lucky. Such beds give the option of changing the layers when you need to. When you begin to notice slight changes in the firmness of your newly bought mattress, check the layers – you might have loosed layers in them. The solution to this is to replace the damaged and worn-out layers.

There you go, a firm mattress at your service once again. You could do this repeatedly whenever you see a damaged layer. Do not wait for the mattress to wear before doing so.

5. Check the Foundation of Your Mattress

Let’s rewind to the beginning; this is actually the very first thing you should do when you notice your mattress has lost its original firm feature. For sleepers using a platform bed, it is advisable you get slats or box springs. They are proven to add extra firmness to your soft mattress when you lay on them.

But beware of this; memory foam mattresses are firm enough to satisfy your firmness cravings only in cold temperatures. Do not use a box spring with a memory foam mattress. Your sleep routine might get worse because a combo of both will only make your mattress extra hard – which will definitely be uncomfortable for you.

6. Check the Mattress Warranty and Sleep Trial

The warranty prescription on any mattress will guide you to request a new one if you are not satisfied with its firmness. Come to think of it you are under no obligation to pay extra to get a new one even if you have used it for some time. That’s the sweet part of trials.

It is your right to request a better one so do not hesitate to let the store or manufacturer know about your ordeal. Manufacturers are bound to respond to every query because they are solely after their customers’ satisfaction.

7. Use the Floor Support

An alternative that will suffice when you try all options to make your mattress firmer is to place it on the floor. The floor is a trustworthy foundation and it will give your spine balance when you lay on the mattress.

8. Remove Moisture

When a bed is damp or moist, the bed is soft. So to avoid making your mattress soft, you should make sure it does not get damp. Also, avoid eating on your bed because you could pour liquid on it unknowingly. Sometimes liquid stains become permanent no matter how hard you clean them. In the long run, your mattress gets softer if you do not stop pouring liquid on it.

Regularly put your mattress in a well-ventilated room or in the verandah where the sun can beat it for some hours. You are using a stone to kill two birds because you will also be killing bacteria and removing all bedbugs infestation through sun drying.

9. Buy a New Topper

Whenever you purchase a new mattress, you buy new toppers to make you feel warm. But did you know that the sole purpose of mattress toppers is to make your bed soft? Here is what you have to do; do not buy the toppers that will make your mattress soft. Get only the ones that are specifically made to keep your mattress firm.

An example is the latex mattress topper. It does not wear off easily and it keeps the mattress firm. Similarly, do not buy a mattress pad when buying a mattress topper as they both serve the same purpose except you want an extra firm mattress – which is definitely not your goal.

10. Use Plywood Boards

Plywood boards or particle boards are great to help you find your desired mattress firmness when they are slipped in between the mattress and the bed frame. They also help to prevent sagging. You should give it a trial. However, make sure you get only water-resistant plywoods.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are mattress toppers made of?

Mattress toppers can be made of each of the following; Cotton, Foam, Memory Foam, Down, Gel Memory Foam, Polyester Cluster Puffs or Fiberfill, and Latex Rubber.

2. How do I find the right mattress?

You can find the right mattress following this guide;

  • Know your body weight.
  • Find out your most dominant sleeping style.
  • Get the advice of your medical guide.

3. Is a firm bed good for my back?

Yes.  A firm bed can only be good for you if you are a dominant back sleeper. Do not buy a firm bed or make your bed firm if you do not sleep on your back.

4. Can I make my sagging mattress firmer?

Yes. You can make your mattress with sags return to its firmness level by either flipping it to the other side or inserting water-resistant plywoods underneath it.


Trust with these tricks above, I did answer your question on how you can make your mattress firmer. My final word for you is to make sure that whichever method you implement, do it properly so you can achieve that firmness you want and that sound sleep you desire too.