Mattress Buying Guide – How to Buy the Best Mattress

Sleep after the stress of the day is sweet but what is sleep without the best “mat to rest” (Mattress). A mattress buying guide helps you to know the right mattress for you or your partner. It is important to know the guide to shop for the best mattress suitable for you because sleep is insignificant without a trustworthy mattress. Ricky Martin a Puerto Rican singer once said,

“give me the mattress…and I will be the happiest camper.”

This tells you that good sleep relies on a good mattress. Technically, to shop for the best mattress suitable for you, you to cash and strategy.

With the plenitude of different mattresses around, the struggle to choose the best of best mattress comes in. Why not hop into this tour and let me show you the best buying guide on how to shop for a quality mattress.

Budget: Mattress Buying Guide - How to Buy the Best Mattress
Budget to Save

1. Have a Budget and Time You Want To Purchase

When dealing with the economics of man’s survival, budgeting is vital. You either decide to save to meet the estimated price you saw or that of the current one you are about to change. After budgeting, do not procrastinate. Getting engaged in daily activities can make one lose the memory of what he/she plans to do. 

Not until rest needs come at night, you remember that you must change your mattress. Irrespective do not rush to make decisions about buying a new mattress.

Firm Mattress: Mattress Buying Guide - How to Buy the Best Mattress

2. Firmer does not mean better neither is softer better

A firm mattress is usually not suitable for everyone even though it appears to be the best due to the strength of foam and durability. Your body might not need it hence, not the best for you. The same goes for softer beds. The best bet is to do a trial at the shop of purchase to know the exact one required based on the level of comfy you desire.

Credit Cards: Mattress Buying Guide - How to Buy the Best Mattress

3. Shop Physically Not Online

Of all guides to shop for the best mattress suitable for you, take note that not all products can be gotten online. Purchasing a good mattress requires you to be present. Viewing the desired mattress at an online store will not give you the full assurance that it is the best for you.

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Apart from being able to try the mattress in person, the advantages of buying at a store include:

  1. It saves you the stress of waiting to get your mattress delivered to you
  2. Similarly, you save your money avoiding paying delivery fees

There are places where you can purchase your bed or your bed frame.

  • The mattress store
  • Furniture store
  • The big box and department store.
  • Not everyone should use waterbeds

Know your specs. When shopping keep this at the bottom of your heart that a waterbed might not be for you. Well, you want the luxury of enjoyment at full capacity. Try not to trade your foremost priority which is comfort and rest.

4. Have In Mind The Height Of The Mattress

You do not want to purchase a mattress that does not fit your bed frame. This is why you must know your mattress height. You can do this by measuring the one you are about to change before going into the market.

5. Make Sure It Has A Good Warranty

This goes for all products. A product must be guaranteed to serve its purpose and last longer. Here is where the warranty comes in. It is an assurance from the seller to the buyer about the product.

Adhere to this guide to shop for the best mattress suitable for you by ensuring it is assured by the producer or seller. Look into the body packs or labels to be sure it is has a warranty. Here are some mattresses that give a warranty.

6. Read Product Reviews

Reviews will make you have the feel of both the good, the bad, and the ugly of your mattress wishes. Feedbacks are great and it has immensely helped producers/sellers to improve on the conditions of their products. Customers are right they say, hence reviews are precious. Reading reviews is a relevant buying guide. Similarly, reviews are not just meant for sellers to know if a buyer delights in the products.

You as a prospective buyer can also utilize these reviews to know if that product worths your money. When you have the list of brand mattresses you wish to buy, ask around who uses such or check online to see the reviews.

You must always read other customers’ reviews. They help in shaping your decision to buy the best brand of mattress. Check here on the best brand of mattress available to you at stores worldwide.

What the mattress company says about themselves is should be taken with a pinch of salt unless it matches what customers say in the review section. You can also ask for recommendations from your friends or relatives.

Medical Guide
A medical guide checking the blood pressure of her patient

7. Follow your medical guide

Finally, it is very necessary to follow what your doctor recommends. Medical personnel is not mattress experts but they can advise on what type of mattress to purchase.

Before I leave you to go get your mattress, after following this guide to shopping for the best mattress there is one more thing I like you to know. Which is to consider all options at the point of purchase. To effectively carry this out, you must know about the four most common types of mattresses available so you can shuffle your best choice.

Most common types of mattresses

  • Innerspring mattress
  • Latex mattress
  • Hybrid mattress
  • Memory foam mattress
  • Air mattress

8. Give it a trial

If you are going to be buying your mattress at the store, one thing you must do before leaving the store is to try out the mattress. This is to see if fits your sleep specifications and medical requirements. No matter the number of mattresses you are buying, ensure you test each one out to give yourself the best customer satisfaction.

To try out any mattress in the store, make sure you take your time. The stores are there for your sake. Do not be in a hurry, wait till you are answered. When you are eventually answered, try out your sleep styles (if you have more than one) on the mattress(es) you are given. Take your time doing this because it is your right to do so. However, be careful with how you handle the mattress when trying it out so as not to puncture the surface or commit any other damage.

While on the mattress move about on it to be sure there are no sags and to confirm if it is your required firmness. It is also very important to let the store attendants know what you want and how you want to test the mattress. Tell them to place the mattress on a similar foundation you use at home. This is relevant because it will let you know the same feeling when you get home.

Follow this same process for your child’s mattress. Let them give it a try before you make payment. Engage your partner when trying out the mattress too. Sure you can make decisions for your partner, make them feel relevant when deciding to change or buy another mattress. If you and your siblings share a bed, do the same with them. You both should give the about-to-be-bought mattress a proper try-out.

You are gradually getting to the point of making your final decision after you have tested the mattress. In this trial process, one thing you must always do is to ask the attendants questions. Any kind of assumption will be very wrong in this scenario. In the situation where you might be shy to test the mattress when the attendant is around, do let them know that you need to be excused.  

Ask the attendants questions about the product quality and the time it was put in stock in the store. Be it 2 months ago or a week before whichever day it is, confirm well. The answers given will also form a vital analysis of your decision towards the purchase of the mattress(es). Another question to ask is if the mattress has a guaranty. You do not want to buy a product that you cannot return just in case there’s an issue.

The final thing to do before you pay for the mattress is to check its weight. A heavy mattress will require extra hands to take into your house. What then happens if you are buying by the mattress yourself? How will you help yourself out? The neighbors? No, not every time should your neighbors be stressed out because he/she has you as a neighbor. Try to make do with what you have.

To do so, you have to ensure you buy a lightweight mattress. The store attendant will help out with this. There you go, your mattress is ready to be bought.

You might be wondering how you can test your mattress if you are buying from an online store. To test mattresses from an online store. You have to use trial night’s offers on the mattress.

Like I said before, do not buy any mattress without the chance to try it out. Check the mattress before adding it to your cart. Read more on the best ways at which you can buy a mattress online here.

9. Wait for the Best Deals

We have in one of the steps how important a discount is when buying a mattress online or at the store. To enjoy the best moment when shopping for a mattress you should try to buy a mattress in bulk. I am sure you screamed out, what do I want to do with a bulk mattress?

But here is the deal, when buying products at cheap prices, it is best to buy them in twos or more. The value of the money is enjoyed better when it comes in twos or more. You can gift out one to your neighbor who has always looked out for your doorway when you are off to work or the movies. Imagine how much he/she will cherish the gift. So there is no harm in buying your mattress in bulk.

Learn the tactical method of haggling prices. As a consumer of any product, one thing that differentiates one buyer from another buyer is not how rich he/she is but how skillful they can maneuver their ways into the seller by letting the seller reduce the price of the mattress to an affordable amount.

If you are new to haggling prices, develop strong esteem and confidence. This will help out whenever you try the haggling method. Producers and sellers are usually willing to satisfy customers at any cost – you can see this in the quality of the product they put out in the market. Sellers are ready and they can go as low slashing the price half if you are good at haggling.

Be personal when haggling and communicate in the best language if possible a foreign language the attendant can speak so you can put the seller in awe and you both can have a sense of belonging.

Frequently Asked Questions

What features should I look at for in a mattress?

To avoid regrets, there are basic features to look out for in a mattress before you can buy one. The basic features to look out for include; the fillings of the mattress. It is advisable to go for mattresses with natural fillings and not synthetic ones. No matter the assurance a synthetic filling poses, a mattress with natural fillings is best to utilize.

The second thing to look out for is the memory foam of the mattress and the last thing to check is the one-sidedness of the mattress.

What is the best way to care for my mattress?

To care for your mattress, you should inculcate the habit of rotating your mattress frequently. For a spring mattress, you should rotate every three to six months. But foam, latex, and hybrid – you can rotate in six months but not less than that.

At the point of fixing your mattress on your foundation, enclose it with a mattress protector. This is will make the mattress last longer and save you some money in the future.


Having in possession a mattress buying guide is one of the best gifts you can give yourself. It signifies you do not take your health for granted and you value the concept of rest. As accurate as the guide given above is, if do not abide by it consistently, you will end up getting an unfitted mattress. Consistency will make you own the best mattresses in the store and you will live your life with a good record of sound nights of sleep.

Having read this, you can be sure to buy the best mattress despite how uneasy it can be to buy one among the numerous brands available in stores.