9 Ways to Prevent Snoring at Night Naturally

If the act of sleeping is a casual break away from the buzzing activities of an environment and is enjoyed best in a relatively quiet place. Ironically, why then would an individual’s sleep be another source of the noise? Sleeping should never be a noisy activity. This completely signifies that such an act is commonly known as “snoring” is unnatural and should be stopped because it defies the inherent purpose of sleep.

It does not only inhibit the sleep process of partners but inadvertently affects the snorer in some situations. For instance, when the snorer snores so loudly or is fond of falling asleep during inappropriate times or chokes during sleep. These moments are red flags for the snorer to take expedient action for the call of a doctor.

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In every dimension, snoring is a sleeping issue just like somnambulism and somniloquism. What then are the natural methods in preventing snoring at night.

Before we delve into the finders keepers of our search for natural ways to stop snoring at night, let’s get to know what truly causes snoring. This is because, if you can know the cause of your snores then you can know the solution to your snores.

What Are The Causes Of Snores?

Snores are caused by different reasons specific to different people.

  1. To some, they snore due to age advancement that leads to their throat and muscle tone.
  2. Another cause is as a result of the bodyweight of the individual. The larger the fat an individual carries the difficult it is for the throat to breathe well.
  3. Having a cold or fever characterized by a stuffy nose can also make an individual snore.
  4. Alcohol intake and wrong medications are proven to also cause frequent snores.
  5. Sleeping posture is also a cause of snores. When an individual sleeps with his/her back lying flat it causes partial difficulty in the throat breathing functionality.

What Stage Of Sleep Does An Individual Snore?

Snoring occurs at the second stage of sleep because that’s the moment when you are more relaxed. There are five stages of sleep all humans by default pass through. They include:

The light stage sleep

The light stage sleep also known as the non-REM sleep is the moment when you are gradually becoming unconscious of what is going on around you. It is the first stage of sleep.

The second stage sleep

The second stage of sleep is the stage where you are fully asleep and all your muscles are relaxed.

The third and fourth stage of sleep

The third and fourth stages of sleep are stages that the body’s hormones for growth are released and any form of disturbance during this stage can destabilize the sleep process.

The last REM (Rapid Eye Movement)

The REM or last REM is the stage of sleep that your dreams occur. The brain is fully alert while the individual is fastly asleep.

Simple Ways to Prevent Snoring At Night

Even though snoring is a sleeping issue, it very pertinent to know that the remote cause of snoring is actually a respiratory problem. Therefore, the natural methods are cost-effective healthy hacks that all sleepers can do to completely aid good respiration which does not culminate in snoring and the long run keep the doctor away.

1. Clear Nasal Passages

The cleaning of nasal passages with use of wipes or tissue papers can be very effective in preparing one ahead of a sleep free snore. For those with allergies, they should at all cost avoid dust or toxic atmosphere that can cause itchings of the nasal cavity. You should frequently practice the act of breathing in and out at will to remove unseen unnecessary specks of dirt in your nose.


2. Change Sleeping Posture

You must avoid sleeping on your back. It blocks the throat’s breathing tissues and backend. Instead, endeavor to sleep by your side resting on a soft pillow. This singular act allows the free flow of air into the throat to the lungs.

3. Keep Your Bedroom Moist

Your room should always be well ventilated at a humid temperature. Avoid leaving the air in your room dry. It affects the functionality of the nose and throat.

4. Watch Your Weight

Much as it is very healthy to eat good food, it is also very important t regulate the intake of such foods. Moderation is strongly advised to avoid excess fat or obesity. If you are overweight try to lose fats to reduce the fatty tissues in your throat to enable you to breathe effectively. But if you are not overweight do ensure to maintain a stable weight.

5. Quit Smoking

Smoking is a lifestyle you need to put aside if you want to end your snoring narratives. Smoking is another action that itches the membranes of the nasal cavity causing it to be prone to snores.

cigarette - prevent snoring at night naturally

6. Avoid Alcohol and Wrong Medications

Not only should you quit smoking, but also avoid taking alcohol and malignant self medications. Alcohol is made up of elements that can interfere with the breathing processes in the throat. Wrong medications make you vulnerable to weakness in and out.

Alcohol - prevent snoring at night naturally

It is advisable to push off the idea and get used to seeking the doctor’s help for correct prescriptions to avoid throat complications that can open you up to constant snores at night.

7. Stay Hydrated

It has been recommended that you need 8 glasses of water a day. Eight seems to be a lot but no it isn’t. Staying hydrated will efficiently help you prevent snoring at night naturally. When your nasal cavity is dehydrated mucus forms in the nostrils and breathing becomes difficult and make you snore. The reason why you must not joke with staying hydrated to enjoy a snore-free sleep.

8. Do Exercises

When you do exercises every day, you tend to cut the excess fat load in you. The fat load lowered down includes the one the throat. Less fat in the throat means less or no snoring during sleep. Some of the recommended exercises to perform to prevent snoring at night are:

  • Practice saying the vowels sound repeatedly and always on a does of morning and night.
  • Even if you can not sing rhythmically, practice singing short choruses. It trains your vocal and nasal cavity simultaneously
  • Learn to roll your tongue backward for at least twenty minutes per session (morning and night).

9. Consume Fruits

Fruits are indispensable in human existence. Fruits such as pineapples, oranges, and bananas are suitable to make you sleep without snoring. They all contain melatonin; which makes the body feel sleepy.


To sum it all, good sleep is advantageous but when it is accompanied by snoring, it is bad. However, the joy here is that there are the cheapest natural methods to avoid snoring as listed above. These methods when adhered to consistently will give a complete halt to the narrative of your snoring even without seeing a doctor.

At the moment when your snoring becomes defiant even after carrying out all of the natural methods listed here, do not hesitate to consult your doctor. Especially if you experience choking during sleep and snore so loud uncontrollably.

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