Which Is the Best? – Saatva or Amerisleep Mattress

The Saatva mattress rule as the most elegant of all mattresses in stores is now being contested by the existent quality of the Amerisleep mattress. For a while, when looking out for the best mattress, the Saatva brand has a good record of the best reviews and sold-out analysis.  

Saatva and Amerisleep Mattress

The Saatva Company is popularly known to be the producers of luxury mattresses such as the Saatva Classic, Loom and Leaf, and natural latex Zenhaven mattresses. A year before the Saatva Company was founded the Amerisleep was established in Arizona and it was known for the production of the AS1, AS2, AS3, AS4, and AS5 mattresses.

Comparing Saatva and Amerisleep Mattress

1. Construction Differences

Saatva Mattress

Saatva Classic

The Saatva Classic is made of an innerspring embedded framework that comes with different firmness levels you can choose to adopt. It is very different from other mattresses that are made of foam or hybrids.  It has two layers with one made of memory foam and the other the spring coils which makes it uniquely different.

Saatva Loom and Leaf

This mattress is made of gel and three cotton layers that keep you warm when you lay on it. It also has the other two layers from the bottom made with foam that can withstand pressure and gives your body a solid base when you sleep.

Saatva Zenhaven Mattress

The base of this mattress is made up of natural Talalay latex that is certified by the Oeko-Tex Standard 100. It has a firmer and softer side option each with the sole purpose of making sleep comfortable because it provides needed support. Its component does not allow for the intrusion of pesticides like bed bugs. The quality of the latex makes it unable to hold bacteria or mold.

The bed cover of this mattress is made of soft organic cotton which allows air to flow through. It is known to keep sleepers warm because air flows through easily.  It also has good edge support that allows all types of sleepers to enjoy comfort and peace in preparation for a new day.


All Amerisleep mattresses are made of foam material that makes sleepers enjoy a breathable sleep. This mattress is recommended for those suffering from sleep apnea. It has good cushioning support that makes sleep sound at night. The AS1 mattress- is made up of thermo-active covers and bio-core foam that prevents it from sagging.

It is highly recommended for back sleepers because, among all types of mattresses made by Amerisleep, it is the firmest. The AS1 and AS2 are similar in construction. Unlike the AS3 mattress which is the balance between firm and soft. All sleepers can make do with this mattress as they will enjoy desired support and comfort. It has a weight-supporting surface texture that gives your body calmness due to less pressure gained.

The AS4 and the AS5 mattress are the most luxurious of all Amerisleep mattresses. They are made with HIVE technology which gives your body that extra feel when you are tired or restless. It takes all kinds of body weight and provides support to all types of sleepers.

2. The firmness of Both Mattress

Saatva Mattress

The uniqueness of a Saatva mattress is in its innerspring. The coils that make up the innerspring are solid and strong enough to carry any human weight. It is mattress children will love because it is bouncy and partners will have a better feel of their love life when they use it.  Unlike a normal foam mattress, it does not collapse and gives long-time support irrespective of how long you have bought it.


All mattresses of the Amerisleep are differentiated by the firmness support they provide for sleepers.

For instance, the AS1 mattress gives firmer support for sleepers compared to other types of mattresses. It is has the firmness required for back sleepers and one that is not suitable for side sleepers. The AS2 is different- it is slightly firm and slightly soft. It consists of a weak memory foam layer that people weighing over 200 pounds might give enough consideration before buying.

AS3 and AS4 are considerations for side sleepers and light weights, while the AS5 mattress stands out among others in terms of firmness of an outstanding softness the foam provides for stomach sleepers and back sleepers.

3. Mattress Components

Saatva Mattresses

Each of the Saatva mattresses has the following common components.

  • Natural Latex
  • Innerspring coils

Amerisleep Mattresses

  • Bio-core polyfoam
  • Memory foam
  • Cotton covers
  • Surface Modification Technology which is also known as SMT

4. Tabular Differences

FeatureSaatva MattressAmerisleep Mattress
Number of types3 different types5 different types
Price Range(min)$800$849
Price Range(max)$3200$3498
Warranty 15-20 years20 years
Height17 inches13 inches
Saatva Hybrid
  • Saatva mattress
AS5 Hybrid
  • Amerisleep

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I buy a Saatva and Amerisleep Mattress?

Saatva Mattresses are only bought online. They do not do store sales. Hence, once you pay for your mattress, you do not need to bother about delivery payment. They are delivered free by a third party for every customer that pays online.

The Amerisleep mattress is also delivered free to you by a third party mostly FedEx shipping. Shipping is free except in places like Hawaii, Alaska, and outside the United States. It usually comes in a heavy pack that you have to carry and open in your room with the assistance of your friend or neighbor.

Can I return my Saatva or Amerisleep mattress?

Both Saatva and Ameri-sleep mattresses have warranty periods of about 15 years and 20 years respectively. All types of Saatva mattresses have the same return policy and trial periods. You can try the Saatva mattress for a period of 180 nights which after if you do not like it, you can return and you will get a refund of $100. The mattress will also be picked up by a third-party company and returned to the only store-room which is located in New York.

Will I get my preferred mattress size?

A big YES! Both mattresses come in 8 different sizes that can choose from. The size list includes the following;

  • Twin
  • Twin XL
  • Full
  • Queen
  • King
  • California King
  • Split California
  • Split California King


Deciding the best mattress to choose between the Saatva and Amerisleep could be a very tough one. Both mattresses have good and interesting qualities that give all the support and comfort a sleeper would desire. The prices are affordable too depending on the sizes and they are both lucrative in outlook. No matter how lucrative, these mattresses have their expiration period. Hop in here to know the expiration period of mattresses.