What Are the Signs and Effects of a Bad Mattress?

Have you ever slept on a bad mattress but you never had the idea that it was bad all time along. Mattresses do not spoil in one day, there are indicators you should pay attention to, to quickly identify a bad mattress. When these signs or indicators are not attended to, you risk your health and some other side effects of sleeping on a bad mattress.



Signs of a Bad Mattress

1. Frequent Back pain

You should be able to trust your mattress to give enough to assure you rest and provide comfort. The moment you begin to experience back pain whenever you rise from your mattress, you know that that mattress is giving up (bad) – if it has been long you bought it.  The first time it happens you can ignore it, but it repeats itself you should know that such a mattress is in very bad condition.

Beware of this- the back pain could be a result of sleeping on the wrong type of mattress. This is why I recommend not to conclude on the first impression. Give it time. If signs repeat themselves after changing your mattress to fit your sleep type, then, that mattress is really bad.

2. Regular Illness

This is one of the most ignored signs among all humans. Your mattress could be the reason why you are falling ill often, don’t ignore this. Some mattresses harbor germs and bacteria. Unless you buy the best, you might fall into the trap of buying a mattress that harbors bacteria.

No matter how well you lay your bed, you risk falling sick when bacteria are present. Some of such illness you will notice is regular coughing, stomach aches, and headaches. At all times must your pillowcase be neat and the foam in it appropriately arranged suitably for you. Bed covers should also be replaced every three days to one that will add to the aesthetics of your bedroom.

If after all these care routines, you still experience frequent body illness then your mattress is bad. It is time to replace it with a better one.

3. Too many sags

A sag is clearly a weak mattress- it is bad and needs replacement. Opt for a new one in the nearest store or online. You can check how to buy a new mattress online here. No matter how many pounds you weigh, never think of it to be the reason your mattress is sagging. The main cause of a sagging mattress is the regular usage of the bed which is unavoidable. Once you notice the sags on your bed are many, change it immediately.

4. No Sags but feels Sags

When you are sure this is not imagination but clearly what you feel and experience daily. It is an indication that your bed is bad. The reason why you feel the sags on your bed might be a result of an industry error which is not your fault. You can change this from the seller if the warranty on the bed still reads.

5. Loud Squeaks

Squeaks are sounds made from weak bed frames. It is a bad signal indicating both a bad bed frame and a bad mattress. Your bed will make a squeaky sound if one or all of the following occurs.

  • One of the springs is loosed.
  • Frame sitting is broken.
  • Furniture used is getting weak
  • Incompatible bed size
  • Lack of center support

6. Change in Weight

There is also the possibility of you increasing or losing body weight when you rest so well on your mattress. Have you heard comments like “you seem to have about a pound or more” just after you wake in the morning? This is a reflection of the condition of your mattress. Changing the mattress should be your next option Having irregular weight gain because of a mattress is weird.

7. Lacks Comfort

The sole reason why your bedroom is referred to as your comfort zone is that you have a relaxing bed to forget the stress of the day and get kickstarted for another day. What does it mean when you no longer find comfort on your bed but your sibling’s or even the sofa in the living room? It means your mattress has overstayed its welcome and therefore a replacement should be given a shot.

Signs and effects of bad a mattress

Effects of sleeping on a bad mattress

1. Effects of Dust Mites

Ever heard of dust mites? These are tiny sand particles you find on your bed when you wake in the morning. Naturally, your body sheds some dead skin cells every day which the dust mites get sticked to. Having dust mites on your body will make you experience allergies, eczema, and skin irritations. Only a bad mattress makes it easy for dust mites to get retained after several rounds of cleaning.

2. Lack of Sleep

A direct consequence of sleeping on a bad mattress is the lack of sleep. A night of good sleep is a result of a good mattress. Lack of sleep is very risky for your health. It is not a show of strength or being the most industrious and diligent. Having lower than 8 hours of sleep daily will make you inefficient for your sports, cooking, romance with partner, errors with an account at work to name a few.

Getting a good mattress is vital for quality sleep, trash immediately the mattress that reduces your level of sleep. Remember health is wealth.

3. Frequent Snoring

One of the most common sleep disorders is snoring. Snoring is worse when it is accompanied by disturbing noises. A worn-out mattress will promote snoring with utmost ease and if not careful excessive snoring leads you to have sleep apnea. Have you tried different methods to prevent snoring? Check here some simple natural ways you can use to prevent snoring so you can have the best of sleep.

4. Hygiene Problems

Stains when they permanent on your bedsheets will cause hygiene problems for you. Not using bed protectors can be a deal of a disadvantage in moments when your coffee or grains of food items pour on your bed. Not being able to clean it well will only lead to gradual damage to the mattress and total neglect of that stain. That’s bad for your good record of hygiene.

A good mattress will never retain stains or specks of dirt. Good ones are made with components that allow you to easily wash off stains and maintain good hygiene.

5. Dull Skin

Sleeping comes with a lot of health benefits and wealth benefits. If you are consistent with obeying the 8 hours recommended sleep routine, there will be noticeable signs of flourishing on your body. One of such signs is fresh and smooth skin. It is the result of good rest and abiding by the ways of having good sleep at night.

If your sleep routine is characterized by the dry skin effect, you should give it a thought to change that mattress. Only a bad one will promote dull skin and rash skin. Change it!

6. Depression

An extension of using a bad mattress is a poor emotional connection- depression. Depression is a sign of bad health and should not be found in the record of one who sleeps well because constant sleeping is an antidote to depression.

When you are having depression as a result of lack of rest despite long hours dedicated to sleeping- the wrong here is that bad mattress you are consistently using.

7. Poor Memory

Experiencing consistency in remembering certain things which you will necessarily not forget is a side effect of using a bad bed. Students who obey nature are proven to excel more in exams and assessments because their brain always receives constant rest to assimilate information.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I fix my sagging mattress?

1. Change the mattress position

Changing the mattress position always will help shift pressure from one side to another without compressing one over the other. Do this at least three times a week.

2. Use mattress Topping

At the point of buying your mattress, it is very important to get a mattress cover with it. Not after so you can will the exact size for it. The cover will protect it from all sorts of unexpected accidents of stains or specks of dirt. If you get a mattress topping, try to get a washable one not a disposable one. Getting a disposable will only make you spend more. But a washable will save your pocket from breaking.

3. Change the Box springs

The foundational support your bed gets is gotten from the box spring. The bed when placed on strong support in return gives you the comfort you deserve always whenever you lay on it. Once you notice that your mattress sags, then you should take steps to change the box springs. You can learn more about changing your box springs and how to do so here.

There are also ways to repair your box spring just in case you do not want to change them. Check them out here.

Will my immune system breakdown because of a bad mattress?

Avoiding the need to change a bad mattress will end up resulting in the breakdown of your immune system. When you do not get a regular bout of sleep, weakness will set in. Ineffectiveness will define how you respond and tackle your daily activities.


A final thought on all of this is that you should be alert always to take note of the indicators of a bad mattress to avoid the effects of one. Choosing the best and quality beds will make you maintain proper hygiene and good health.