Are Memory Foam Mattresses Good?

If you do not know that there are mattresses that exist without a spring, you should keep reading. The memory foam mattress is one. Manufacturers realized not all sleepers love the beds with spring therefore they introduced mattresses with foam. This was the original idea of using memory foam mattresses in bedrooms.

However, the very first time it was used could be traced to the findings of NASA about some ten years ago when trained scientists needed a non-spring bed to give their astronauts relief and comfort.

Quick Review

Do you need a mattress that will give your body the best feel without fear of creaks and breaks? Or you need a bouncy mattress but do not want the spring one? The memory foam mattress is your best answer. It is well structured in ways that when you lay on it, you are bound to forget body pains or stressful days.

Use the table below as a guide on how you can navigate buying a Memory foam mattress.

Warranty20 years
Thickness7 inches
Average Price $900
Expiration7-10 years

Pros of Using a Memory Foam Mattress

1. Temperature control

Did I mention to you that the memory foam mattress is one the most widely used mattress in all households? The secret to this is that it helps to keep the body temperature in check while sleeping.

When it was initially introduced, this foam had poor reviews on the fact that it causes heat for sleepers due to the chemical condition of the foam. As sleepers changed sleeping positions, the foam moves with you making the heat stored in that region move along. It was tagged a heat-generating foam.  

Tide turned around in recent years when producers began to improve on customers’ reviews. Memory foam mattresses are now soft to sleep on and the softness in them keeps the body warm and compact.

Companies producing memory foam have focused on the advancement of cooling technologies which makes the mattress comfortable to keep you cool than generating more heat when resting or sleeping.

2. It Does Not Cause Allergy

When a mattress begins to cause allergy for you, it is simply because it has reached its expiration stage and needs to be replaced. No original or just produced memory foam mattress will cause an allergy for you as a sleeper.

The high level of density the mattress possesses makes it invulnerable to dust mites or other specks of dirt that can cause allergies for you. If you are easily prone to allergies, you should choose the memory foam mattress for it is the best option for you.

3. Pressure Relief

Side sleepers will find this really helpful. Memory foam mattresses form into the shape of your body when you sleep in them for some time; this makes it give you enough pressure relief. Body heat in the foam enhances its pressure relief performance.  Side sleepers must go for memory foam mattresses because they are prone to having extreme pressure on their hip and shoulders.

4. Support

Certainly, the memory foam mattresses give utmost support for any kind of sleeper. The support lies in its secret of softness. The fact that it forms the shape of your body makes you find support for your body when you sleep. Your back, hips, shoulder, and stomach are in the natural position to receive enough rest and comfort. How amazing.

5. Motion Reduction

Sleep partners this is for you; memory foam mattresses are good at giving you the best movement on the bed without affecting the sleep of your partner. Even if you have a partner that moves around the bed so frequently when he/she sleeps, you do not have to worry because this mattress has an advantage at reducing motion transfers on the bed.  

6. Affordable Price

The second reason it is the most purchased of all mattresses can be found in its affordable price. Compared to organic mattresses, memory foam can be bought for a reasonable amount of dollars.

Cons of Using a Memory Foam Mattress

1. Prone to sagging

The density level of memory foam mattresses paves way for sagging.  Although the density level can be advantageous because it conforms to your body shape, the chances of creating sags are high. It lies in the fact that when the foam goes down because of body pressure, it might not rise to its normal surface level. When sags become many on your mattress, it will lose its bouncy feature.

2. Heat Creation

The cooling technology advancement done as an improvement on all memory foam mattresses is yet to reach its peak. Manufacturers work hard daily to make mattresses that will create less heat for all types of sleepers. But the main source of heat, (the foam) still won’t yield efficiently.

The fact that the heat and foam chemistry is the main reason why the mattress conforms to the body shape of the sleeper is the reason why heat generation can never be removed completely from all memory foam mattresses.

However, the level of heat differs in the type of memory foam used. The quality of the memory foam mattress will determine the level of heat it will generate. Well, y’all know that not all beds can be bought among the list of best mattresses.

3. Low life span

There are many signs to look out for to know how long a mattress will last. For this mattress, its strength lies in the foam. But take a look at this; the foam tends to go weaker daily due to pressure and response.

The antithesis here is that the strength and weakness of this mattress is the foam. The foam was constructed to take in pressure so it can give accurate support and relaxation. Constant pressure makes the foam give way in few years. Hence, making it have a lesser lifespan when compared with the innerspring mattress made with coils that can withstand any excessive weight.

To be on the safer side, buy a memory foam with a warranty and indulge in the other best ways to buy a mattress online or at the store.

4. Weird Smell

New memory foam comes with a chemical smell known as off-gassing. This smell can create allergies for individuals who are prone to allergies. You can conquer this odor in two ways; after buying your bed, put it out in the sun for some hours (approximately 10 hours) before taking it in for proper usage. The second, leave the mattress in a well-ventilated room for close to 48 hours.

Types of Memory Foam Mattress

There are three types of memory foam mattresses. They include the Traditional type, the Plant-based memory foam, and the Gel Cool memory foam mattress.

Traditional Memory Foam

It is the first experiment on the manufacturing of memory foam. It was made from petroleum products that are eco-friendly.

Plant-based Memory Foam

This mattress type is made of soy and coconut which makes it springy and natural. Unlike traditional foam, these mattresses return quickly to their original position.

Gel Cool Memory Foam

The Gel Cool foam was introduced in an effort to reduce the heat-generating feature of memory foam mattresses. It is also called a Gel Visco foam. This foam is an advancement to help sleepers gain better satisfaction with its aromatherapy. It is a combination of both Traditional and Plant-based foam with an addition of aloe-vera, green tea extract, and gel.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does a memory foam mattress last?

Memory foam lasts for an average of 7 years. The quality of your mattress is a determinant to know how long your mattress lasts.

Although there are other ways to know how long your mattress will last.  Accordingly, the quality can only be measured by the brand of mattress. There are many brands involved in the production of this bed type. Such as the Tempur-pedic, Casper, and the Tuft and Needle.

2. Are memory foam mattresses good for children?

It is not advisable to use this bed type for your children because the softness is not recommended as it puts them at the risk of Sudden Death Infant syndrome deaths.

3. How is memory foam mattress built?

Memory foam is built in three compartments (sometimes four for the Air cool mattress type) – the high-density foam beneath, the bonded ventilated foam, the upper foam, and the comfort poly jacquard layer. Under the high density foam is the foam core which holds all layers of the foam compartment.


Taking a cue from the above, you should know that this mattress is highly rated by customers, and buying one will be one of the best decisions made for your sleep health.