Which Is the Best? Helix vs Nectar Mattress

Honest review on the Helix and Nectar Mattress – As humans we get tired and the most natural way to regain energy is to try as much as possible to rest and sleep well. I personally, do not joke with my sleep and I am very picky when it comes to choosing whatever will make me have sound and sweet sleep. I love to pick the best. Best mattress, best bed frame, best box spring, best bed design (canopy style or minimalist style), just name it.

There are so many mattresses available in stores and online so only verified reviews and suggestions from places like Mattressable are a useful guide to choosing the best one that will suit your sleep style.

We compare mattresses to know which is better in the aspects of comfort level, pain relief, affordable price, and how long it lasts. Without much ado, I shall be showing you the differences between the Helix Mattress and the Nectar mattress.

Quick Review

Use the table below as a guide on how you can navigate buying a Memory foam mattress.

Helix MattressNectar Mattress
Warrantyvaries100 nights of trial
Thickness10 inches11 inches
Average Price$699 $499
Expiration7-10 years7-10 years

1. Supportiveness

You will likely confuse the firmness of a mattress with its supportiveness. Here’s the gist some mattresses are firm and will not give you the support you want and vice versa. This is so because the mattress does not agree with your sleep position. But there are times when you use the recommended mattress for your sleep yet it doesn’t give the needed support. It is a bad situation and we can conclude that such mattress is a bad one.

This is not so with the Helix and Nectar mattresses. They come in the appropriate custom fit support component for your sleep.  The helix for instance uses a strong innerspring component for balance and support while the Nectar mattress in full assurance gives sleepers edge support and spine balance.

When you lay on both mattresses, the foam takes your body shape to give accurate support to your shoulder, knees, and back. A Helix mattress takes time to return to its original position compared to the Nectar mattress which bounces back immediately you rise from it. The Nectar mattress is good for individuals who love to sit by the edge of the bed. It does not sag and it can any type of body weight.

2. Durability

No one wants to get disappointed by a mattress that can only be used for a short period of time. You want the mattress you buy to last you years at least till it reaches the recommended time mattresses last. So, another thing to consider when making choices for the best mattress is to know how long it lasts (its durability).

The Helic and Nectar mattresses satisfy every range of sleeper for as long as possible. None of these mattresses wear out quickly. But there some minor exceptions such as body weight and bed hygiene which vary for every sleeper. As a sleeper, you have a role to play in the durability of any of these mattresses. Both mattresses last for an average of 7 years but can stay for as long as 12 years if you use a good box spring and bed protector.

3. Design                                                                  

Talking about the designs of these mattresses, the Helix mattress is more attractive than the Nectar. Its customizable feature adds to its coolness and airflow. The Nectar mattress has a simple design that cannot be customized.

4. Price

The Helix mattress is a little bit expensive compared to the Nectar mattress. Besides, the Helix mattress does not give a generous warranty and sleep trials, unlike the Nectar which comes with a 100-day warranty and sleep trial.

You can acknowledge that the Nectar mattress is budget-friendly and it gives you room to explore the mattress for as long as it does not exceed the attached 100-day warranty. This does not beat the value of the Helix – but in terms of price, the Helix is pricier due to its unique and rare design.

5. Firmness

Between these two mattresses, the Helix is firmer and it can take any weight comfortably. So if you are searching for a very firm mattress? The Helix mattress is your answer.

The Nectar mattress is made of a Tencel cooling cover, three layers of memory foam, and a breathable base layer which makes it less firm and bouncy.

6. Cooling

Nectar mattresses are made of three different types of memory foam and as a result, they do not keep the body perfectly warm during sleep. The Helix mattress is highly rated as one of the best cooling mattresses recommended for hot sleepers. Another point was scored for the Helix mattress.

Benefits of Using A Nectar Mattress

Although the Helix mattress beats the Nectar in most desirable features, it does not totally mean that the mattress is not rated among users. Here are some benefits of using the Nectar mattress.

  • The Nectar mattress prevents bedsores by distributing your bodyweight uniformly. It does not put excess pressure on places where you sleep on.
  • For individuals who are trying to change sleep pattern, the Nectar mattress is highly recommended because it can help you sleep better.
  • As a medium memory foam mattress, it helps to keep the body in a neutral position. This means when you sleep on this mattress, you will not complain of body aches because your spine is balanced and your body is aligned.
  • Heavyweight individuals who love soft beds but can’t use them because the beds will not take their weight will love the Nectar mattress. This mattress less firm but it can also support heavyweights.
  • It is also recommended for back sleepers due to its medium-range firmness.
  • Partners will love the Nectar mattress because it has less motion transfer which prevents jiggling when you move on it.
  • If you are muscular you will also cherish this mattress. It places less pressure on your muscles.
  • Another advantage of using a Nectar mattress is that you will never complain of neck pain because it is laced with extra cushioning for body support.

Benefits of Using a Helix Mattress

  • The Helix mattress has a CertiPUR-US stamp of approval to show that it is environmentally friendly.
  • It comes with a customized feature that gives it a higher rating than all other mattresses.
  • On initial purchase, it comes with a special cover that is very easy to wash or replace.
  • Helix mattresses can be personalized into different styles using the sales quiz given to every buyer on purchase.

These mattresses come in different sizes. Here’s a guide on the available specifications with their respective sizes in inches.

Nectar MattressHelix Mattress
Twin – 39 x 75 inchesTwin – 39 x 75 inches
Second Twin XL- 39 x 80 inchesSecond Twin XL – 39 x 80 inches
Full – 54 x 75 inchesFull – 54 x 75 inches
Queen – 60 x 80 inchesQueen – 60 x 80 inches
King – 76 x 80 inchesKing – 76 x 80 inches
Cal King – 72” x 84Cal King – 72” x 84

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I flip my Nectar Mattress?

No. It is not advisable to flip a Nectar mattress because its default surface is made with layers of padding that can be damaged when you flip it.


I am sure my honest review of the Helix and Nectar mattress has given you a better idea of which to choose. They both have excellent features but the customizable feature of the Helix mattress makes it rank higher than the Nectar mattress.