Airweave Mattress: Should I Buy It?

A review of the Airweave mattress – Never will I joke with my sleep nor get a bad mattress for my sleep; sure the same goes with you. We love our sleep so much that we would do the best to make sure nothing gets in its way to make it restless and unpeaceful.

One mattress that is highly recommended in bringing this desire to live is the Airweave mattress. It got the ultra firmness a mattress requires and it got an adjustable firmness suited for sleepers who prefer a softer version of the mattress. 

Airweave mattress (a wholesome sleep meal) brings to you the firmness and softness you would love. A perfect taste for any kind of sleeper.

For those with back pains that require a firm base, they get to choose the Airweave and back sleepers who cherish balanced support for their back will thank me later for this recommendation.

Quick Review

If you need a mattress to give your back a pinned rest and give your body support? The Airweave mattress is a great choice. In addition, it provides a therapeutic feeling for anybody that uses it. The mattress was manufactured out of the motive to stand out among other mattresses using the air fiber which was originally used to make fishing lines.

Use the table below as a guide on how you can navigate buying an Airweave mattress.
FounderMotokuni Takaoka
Warranty and Trial length100 nights

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Pros of using an Airweave Mattress

1. Airweave mattresses come with a promo code

Consumers in the market survive to buy more products for themselves based on price reductions. Having known this, the mattress company decided to stand higher than her contemporaries when it permanently includes a promo code on all her mattresses.

For every Airweave you buy, you get a code from the official website or reviews like here.  You can only find this attribute for the mattress. It is a unique signature that it offers to its customers to retain them to enjoy the best they deserve.

new-airweave-mattress 2

2. Quality materials

A brand becomes popular among its buyers once it is known for making original products. It retains its popularity for this same reason. It is known to be sourced from a fishing line as that was the original purpose of the company behind its production. The mattress is made from air fiber technology which allows enough airflow.

The outer layer of an Airweaver mattress is made of polyester that produces a moist feeling when you sleep on it. The most significant thing about the Airweave mattress is that it does not contain memory foam. A memory foam used in other mattresses is replaced with air weaves in this product. Isn’t that something curious to try out?

A softer version of the  Airweave mattress is also designed with polyester and contains more air weaves to achieve that softer aim for sleepers.  

3. Comfort

There is no greater joy than that of sleeping comfortably on a mattress. Nobody wants to get a mattress that gives after completing your sleeping cycle. If this is you then, the Airweave a good to go. You will get maximum comfort when you sleep and peace when you wake

The interesting part about this is those sleepers with love for a firm mattress and sleepers with love for softer ones will get their desired comfort from using this mattress. It seems to be that the Aitrweave mattress is an all-rounder. Can we call it “Jack of all mattresses”?

4. It is Washable

Take a look at the pleasure and ease of using the Airweave mattress when you know you can decide to wash it when needed. I am not talking about the bedding cover or the cloth but the whole mattress. Yes, the whole mattress can be washed. This means the dirt, dust mites, and stains can be removed.

Oh, how unique the Airweave mattress is. You can not wash other mattresses as you do for the Airweave. To wash this mattress, you ensure that you remove all air weaves or fiber in it. After this, you can go ahead and use your washing machine to do the job.

5. Sleep Control and Ease

I previously briefed you about the ease of using this mattress no matter the kind of sleeper you are. If you are a multi-position sleeper, the mattress is also a fit for you. Simply because the air fiber in it makes it very easy for you to turn and flip over anytime.

Unlike the memory foam; which ain’t as easy as this is. As a sleeper, you want and cherish situations where you can change positions without having a cause of alarm or claims of back pains at dawn.

The Airweave mattress gives you the best sleep control to maneuver positions as you wish.

Hint: partners that want an awesome sex life should purchase this mattress.

Cons of Using the Airweave Mattress

1. Price

The price of an Airweave mattress is slightly above average and therefore can seem unaffordable for some. But the price shouldn’t discourage you from buying it as you will get comfort equivalent to what you paid for.

2. Firmness Level

The firmness of the Airweave mattress to some is not acceptable. They want a go-to soft bed, which ain’t the idea of the Airweave. Measuring the firmness of this mattress, it reached a  gauge of 10 and the softness of the mattress reached a gauge of 7. To some, the softness seems a bit too close to the level of firmness.


The advantages of buying this mattress include; enjoying a regular warranty of 10 years, free shipping for new buyers, and 60 to 100 nights of a trial to return if there are any texture issues or any product fault.


Get the Airweave mattress today; a first trial of the mattress will convince you and you definitely will not hesitate to recommend your friends, neighbors, and relatives.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I set up my Airweave mattress?

To set your mattress, the singular thing you need to do is to layout the cover so you can put the pieces together. Once this is done, your mattress is set. Enjoy every round of sleep from this very moment.

2. Who needs this mattress the most?

In all sincerity, this mattress will be loved by all sleepers but for these categories of people which I will list below, I make a must get for them. If they are keen on getting a sound and peaceful sleep.

  • Sleepers who like firmer beds
  • For sweaty sleepers
  • Individuals who want to explore other sleeping mattress options.

3. What are the sizes of an Airweave Mattress?

An Airweave mattress comes in the Twin, Twin XL, and California King size. Mothers need not worry if they wish to get one each for every member of the family or if they want a large size for the family (for families that sleep all together on a bed). This mattress satisfies every category of buyers. What a delightful consideration.

4. Can people over 200lbs sleep on this mattress?

The mattress can take individuals with weight over 200lbs but have in mind that your mattress might not last longer as it was not specifically made to take lots of weight.


Variety is the spice of life, some say. If you are used to the latex type of mattress as you know there are other types you can explore; the Airweave mattress is a fit for you to try. Carefully check out the pros of using this mattress to have a foresight view of what you are about to purchase.

Clearly, there are few disadvantages in using this mattress, unlike other mattresses which do not come in the combo of firmness and softness fit for all kinds of sleepers.  Get this mattress and you assured of a good night’s sleep.