How Can You Fall Asleep Quickly at Night?

Good sleep can become bad sleep if you do not fall asleep quickly at night (your scheduled time of sleep). Learning how you can fall asleep quickly requires a level of discipline and diligence from you. This is why some people call these sleeping fast techniques a military method of sleeping.

If you ever had trouble sleeping all through the night or waiting for so long before catching a deep sleep, you are in the right place. Here I will show you the tested and trusted different ways in which you can fall asleep quickly at night. Let’s go!

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1. Enjoy your bed

The bed is your place of solace and rest you have to enjoy being in it. Once you begin to become uncomfortable in your bedroom or on your bed whenever you lay on it; know fully well that your aim to fall asleep quickly cannot be achieved. It could be that your mattress is bad or your room colors are not suitable to encourage sleep. Read more about the kind of bed designs that can make you sleep well here and here.

Dream works (well not the Dreamworks from your children’s cartoon) when sleep works. And sleep works when bed works. So you see the pattern. It all depends on how comfortable you are in your bed. Enjoy it, it is yours. Feel relaxed and peace will be unto your sleep – so the Bishop says.  

Wait a minute and answer this. Is it possible for you to be at rest when you are nervous? No. The same goes for the chemistry between your mind and your sleep. If you are not satisfied with how your bed looks or how your bedroom appears, you might not sleep early when as you expect. And this will be bad on your work rate when you start a new day.

2. Take a Shower

This is a step I am sure you try not to miss. Before going to bed, momma does ensure you have that night a shower before sleeping. How caring she can be. The cooling effect of water on your body before laying on the bed reduces bottled-up tension which paves the way for sleep to have its way. Taking a shower before sleep will help you a great deal in having a faster sleep.

3.  Do the 4-7-8 Method

There is a method developed by the military to train her students on sleeping faster and also keeping calm in moments of tension. You can also copy the military method if you want to get the quickest of sleep.

The 4-7-8 method is a breathing method to strengthen the lungs. To do the method, your tongue must be placed right behind your teeth at the roof of your mouth. After this, you breathe in and out through your nose and mouth. You have to breathe in for about 7 seconds and breathe out for 4 seconds. Repeat the process a minimum of 3 times and a maximum of 5 times.

With this method, you are sure to sleep within seconds of calmness.

4. Prepare a Schedule

All individuals are recommended to have a sleeping schedule to help them monitor their sleep patterns and health. To prepare a schedule, you have to regulate your playtime, break time, work activities, and all other daily activities you engage in. There are records of people who prepared a sleeping schedule and have testified to have sound and quick sleep records.

If you are new to preparing a sleeping schedule, you might have a little bit of difficulty but with discipline, you will adjust easily.

Learn the medically approved process to prepare a sleeping schedule here.

You can also prepare a schedule for your children. I can even recommend that they need a schedule much more than you. Your children must be in bed by 9 pm. It is the advisable time of the night for them to sleep. Anything more than can affect their sleep pattern, health, and activeness.

Both adults and children must complete their daily sleep cycle of 7-8 hours sleep. A pro-tip I will give you is that you can break the sleep hours into two. Decide to sleep for some hours at noon and complete the cycle at night. That method is called a night of polyphasic sleep.

5. Meditate Before Sleeping

The last one hour before your stipulated sleep time in your schedule should be utilized to meditate and think productively. Having time to meditate has been proven by medical specialists to be an effective method to stimulate the brain and body to relax properly.

To meditate, you can start with rewinding into the start of the day till the moment you finished dinner to get set to sleep. Think of the beautiful things you did that day that you will love to recreate some other time – Of the awards you won at the sporting event, of the attractive sights you viewed on your way touring the zoo.

Think only of the positive things you did. Avoid thinking of negative things so as to avoid going to bed sad which will eventually make you fall asleep late. But if you want to meditate on the wrongs you thought you did that day, only think of it way forward for you not to repeat the mistakes you made.

If you do yoga, how lucky are you? Launch into the realm with your yoga skills and meditate before you go to bed and thank me later.

Sleep: How can you fall asleep quickly at night?

6. Sleep Warm

Make your hands and feet cozy to instill warmth into your body. Your duvet and bedspread should be thick enough to provide the needed warmth to enhance sleep. The bedroom curtains and your room colors should also be made of warm colors and not bright and too sharp.

Wear socks and gloves for your hands and feet respectively when you are about to sleep. You could also use the eye mask to fully give yourself that warm feeling. A cold environment makes sleep difficult – windows should not be sealed tight, and an extra bedsheet will also suffice. What a great way to catch a fast sleep.

7. Eat Snacks

Eating foods can damage our sleep health but eating snacks some hours before sleep is proven to give the human body a quick sleep at night. You can read here reasons to avoid eating before bed.

Milk, fish, cherries are examples of snacks for you to take in an hour before you sleep. If you do not have this presently, just make sure it is a light 250 calorie snack.

Frequently Asked Questions?

How can I treat my sleep disorders?

To treat your sleep disorders – If you have sleep apnea, you can read the ways to solve them here. But for other sleep disorders: follow these 3 steps

  • Change your lifestyles
  • Use sleeping aid
  • Visit your medical guide

What should I eat for me to sleep well and fast?

  • Almonds
  • Chamomile Tea
  • Turkey
  • Tart Cherry Juice
  • Passionflower tea
  • Walnut
  • White Rice

You can also get the Dreamy Mineral Soak (DMS) from Magic Organic Apothecary. Just three handfuls of the  DMS will do before you sleep.


Sleeping late is synonymous with having bad sleep which can be very harmful to your health. It is good to sleep just in time when you lay in bed. If you notice this the first time, you can ignore but if the sign repeats itself, quickly write-down each of the guides I showed you here and follow them. You can read more about the different hacks to sleep well at night.