How Often Should You Flip Your Mattress?

Finding your mattress placed upright will probably upset you when you think about the stress of placing it back in its proper position and spreading out the layers of duvets. But, hear this, if your parents, kids, or partners placed the mattress in an erect or dislodged position, it is simply an opportunity to flip your mattress.

When you get a new mattress, when to replace it is probably the farthest thing on your mind. Rather, you will want to focus on using it and getting optimum enjoyment. However, flipping your mattress is one of the maintenance routines that will help it last longer, so that you don’t have to replace it soon.

Mattress flipping should be done consciously at a regular interval to help you get a good rest whenever you lay on your mattress and also to ensure that your mattress is protected and utilized to serve you well.

Why should you flip your mattress?

Wondering why you should flip your mattress when you can simply clean it and spread your sheets out? Here are 4 reasons why you should flip your mattress today.

1. Flipping extends lifespan

Do you want your mattress to serve you for a long time? Make a habit of flipping it. By flipping it you reduce the chances of an indentation being left on your mattress due to your weight. Continuous use on one side of the mattress means that one side bears your weight and deflates, becoming lower than the other sides. Who wants to use a deflated mattress or an uneven one? No one! 

With flipping, you even out the sides of your mattress.

2. It makes your mattress more comfortable

Have you ever slept on a mattress with hollow sides? I bet your sleep on such mattresses is far from comfortable. A mattress with hollow parts sinks in anytime you lay and it makes it hard to roll over.

Flipping your mattress is one of the ways to make your mattress firmer and more comfortable for you. No hollow is formed for years, and you can continue to use your mattress comfortably, rolling over without any form of discomfort

3. It prevents sagging

Do you have a favorite part of the bed you love to sleep on? It’s probably been sagging so much a hollow will soon be formed there. Areas where you sleep on the most or lie on most times, sink with time. Therefore, to prevent sagging, flip your mattress, rotate it to some other parts, and enjoy your periods of sleep without worries.

4. Makes your mattress feel new

Sleeping on one side of your mattress deepens and sags it. But when you flip it over to place the upper side faced down, you get a side that has never been used, or a side not used in months. This way your body experiences a firmer mattress, untouched for months and as good as new.

How often should you flip your mattress? 

Flip your mattress on an average of six months. With a six-month interval, you are under no pressure to keep track of the flipping. You are good to go with a mental note of the last time you flipped it and when next you’ll need to flip it. 

A six-month interval also helps to save your mattress- it’s not long enough to cause your mattress to sag. 

How to flip your mattress

Now that you understand that it is important to flip your mattress at a particular interval and also when to do it. Here’s the how:

  1. Before you flip your mattress, ensure that you do not have any object lying around that can be broken. Remove all bedside lamps, alarm clocks, family portraits, and accessories.
  2. Pull out your bedspread or duvet and neatly place them aside. Get rid of pillows and other toppers you’ve placed in your bed.
  3.  Lift your mattress until it is erect such that it is supported by a part of the bed furniture or the wall. 
  4. Alternatively, when there is no support to hold your mattress erect, you could place it at an angle of 90° to its previous position.
  5.  Take this chance to vacuum your bed and other areas under your furniture which you do not reach every day.
  6. Flip your mattress over and lower it slowly such that the lower side is now the upper part. If you had placed it at an angle of 90 before, move it over at another angle of 90°
  7. Fix the sides so that the mattress settles down neatly and fits into the furniture. 
  8. In the end, you would have flipped your mattress at an angle of 180° in total.
  9. Return your duvet and bedsheets, and neatly spread them out to cover your mattress.
  10. The pillows and other removed accessories can then be returned.

Which mattress type can you flip? 

It is important to note that not all mattresses should be flipped. Each mattress comes with instructions specific to them and that is why you should take note of this when purchasing a new mattress. 

Mattresses that should not be flipped may come with labels or instructions not to flip them. This is because they are one-sided. Only mattresses advertised or labeled as double-sided should be flipped.

Flipping a one-sided mattress will cause damage to the comfort layer as it experiences too much pressure that will eventually lead to its damage. 

On the other hand, you can never go wrong with flipping a double-sided mattress. It is one of the factors which gives them an advantage over the others.

Not sure the type of mattresses that qualifies as non-flippable? Latex mattresses, pillow-top mattresses, memory foam, and hybrid mattresses should not be flipped.

If you are still unsure of the type of mattress you have purchased, you could contact the purchase store for help or try to connect to the manufacturer. You can also ask directly to confirm if your mattress is the flippable type or not.

Rotating Vs flipping which is better?

Rotating and Flipping are not mutually exclusive. Both techniques work to help lengthen a mattress’s lifespan. And while most mattresses may not be flippable, a good number of them can be rotated. 

Rotating helps you to choose another area to use after using one for a long time. With rotating, you also get to enjoy as many benefits as possible, just like in flipping. However, with a one-sided mattress or other types of mattresses that cannot be flipped, you cannot enjoy the full access of flipping combined with rotating.

Just like flipping, you should also rotate your mattress on an average of six months as it would give the material time to recover from your weight. Often manufacturers recommend when to rotate, based on the material filling the mattress. You can check with your manufacturer or the purchase store to be sure.


Is mattress flipping good?

Yes, it is one of the best ways to ensure that your mattress has a longer lifespan and serves its purpose. However, before flipping, you have to be sure that your mattress is the type that can be flipped.

When is the best time to flip a mattress?

There’s no particular time of the year to determine the best time to flip your mattress. Rather, you calculate base on how long you’ve used it. You should flip your mattress to the other side six months after using one side.

How often should I flip my mattress?

Flip your mattress on an average of six months

Will flipping mattress help?

Yes. Flipping your mattress will not only help you but also your mattress. You can be assured of a long-lasting mattress when you flip it from time to time. You also save yourself from aches caused by sleeping in an uneven bed.

Is flipping my Mattress better than rotating it?

No. They are both mutually beneficial. While flipping helps you to change the side you sleep on, rotating helps to change the area. The lower part at the beginning of the year may become the upper part later in the year.

Can I flip a pillow top mattress?

No, you should not. Unless your pillow top mattress is double-sided. Most Pillow Top mattresses are known for cushions that are quick to form body indentations. Unless you have confirmed that the pillow-top mattress is a flippable type, you should not flip it.

Is it okay to flip a baby mattress?

Yes. However, wait until your baby is about 12 months old. Then, the mattress can support the baby’s growth and the increase in weight. In the case that you’re not sure if you should flip your baby’s mattress, you can confirm with a doctor.

Does flipping a mattress help back pain?

Yes. Flipping helps to prevent sagging which makes a depth out of your side of the bed and causes uneven alignment which may be causing your back pain. Flipping the bed gives you a firmer and even side.


Suffering from back pain caused by mattress sagging is not uncommon. However, not many people know that they can change this and ease their pain by simply flipping their mattresses over. Try flipping your mattress over today and let’s hear your experience.