Waking up Early: The Benefits and Tips to Do So

You must be ready to learn the tips of waking up early because there are many benefits to doing so.

Are you a dreamer with great ambitions, the French poet Paul Valery gave you an answer when he made the statement “the best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up. Or you aim to be the next Elon Musk? Aristotle has an answer for you in his wits “it is well to be up before daybreak, for such habits contribute to health, wealth, and wisdom”.

I will break your heart here, it is no lazy man’s job to wake up early but it takes zeal and determination to do so. The benefits of waking up early are enticing but how can you enjoy this when you do not know how. Grab your cookies and read with me the tips and benefits of waking up early.

Sleep benefits

Benefits of Waking up Early

1. Better Grades

Sleeping early is one antidote to low grades. It helps you prepare smartly, grows your confidence and your concentration improves significantly. It is also known to boost the self-esteem of your child. The errors your child makes will drastically reduce if you do practice the act of waking up early.

And in time of and tests and examinations, your child gets better grades easily because he/she sleeps to wake up early and prepare for the day’s activities.

For adults, waking up early has a long-run effect on your career pursuit. You will experience work rate efficiency, a high band score in your IELTS, desired grades in the psychometric tests, and many more.

2. Problem Solver

Defining a problem, determining what the problem is and proferring solutions to the problems are traits found in those who wake early. An early riser is a problem-solver. Waking up gives adequate time to look at problems and decide on the appropriate alternative without having to waste so much time. Making do with the right alternative to solutions is attributed to being able to wake early.

3. More Energy

Sleep is the only channel to have a pure and natural rest. After a day’s fatigue, sleeping to wake up early makes you regain the energy previously lost. At the point of waking up, melatonin which is the hormone that controls your sleep cycle reduces giving way for inner strength to prevail.  

4. More Organized

As an early riser, you technically add unseen hours to your 24 hours. Because you acquire the chance of going ahead into the day while every other person is sleeping. You are saved from the daily rush of the busy streets, late breakfast, and many more. You have the privilege to decide and prepare adequately what is needed for the smooth running of the day’s activities.

5. Easier Commute

The previous benefit of waking up early leads you to know that when you are organized, you get the ticket to an easy commute. Commuting can be a tedious task to pull of for workers and students who do not follow school buses.  Meeting up with buses work with time. Getting to the bus stop three minutes late to the scheduled time for the cab will disqualify you from entering it. At the end of the day, you waste the effort of waking early.

You do not want to a victim of such, hence await the bus with timeliness. It can only be achieved when you wake early.

6. More time to work out

If your workout schedule is to do exercises in the very early hours of the morning, then you will have ample time for yourself. The early hours of the morning are best known to be cool and quiet to do work out. Working out requires sacrifices of everything and more importantly your time. Also, timing is responsible for the switch in exercise reps.

 If you get to your workout location late as a result of not waking up early, you risk enough time to gain what others already gained (both the use of the equipment and the resultant body effect). The only way to maximize the time is to wake early.

7. Better Mental Health

Having better health is inherent in sleeping to wake early. Waking up early ultimately means you must have had a sound sleep. If you repeat this for one week, your health condition will improve tremendously and you will proud to have good health as good health is priceless. But is that true, you just paid the price of waking up early.

Snoring can hamper your efforts to wake up early, check here how to prevent snoring naturally.

8. Personal Solace

Meditation in the early hours of the day is key to making proper decisions. People who wake late miss this delightful moment that purifies your mind to accomplish the mission of the day. If you do yoga, waking up early will launch you into better prospects of finding solace and improving on your practice.

9. Decision maker

Rising early ingrains you with inspiration. You are enhanced to tackle problems eagerly and providing solutions to them. Individuals who rose early were more joyful, as well as generally speaking positivity throughout their everyday life.

10. Better breakfast

Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. It will be nice never to miss the chance of eating one. Without mincing words, waking up early is the only pathway to a better breakfast. Eating breakfast serves as a drive to launch the day with energy. An empty stomach can not give you the level of strength to run your boss’ errands or meet that morning’s target of delivery.

11. Great day

In the long run, you will have a great day with waking up early to take breakfast, avoiding traffics at late hours, the foresight to plan for the day, and the energy to execute all the day’s activities. Without a doubt, the result of your day will be a success and a great one indeed.

Waking up Early: The Benefits and Tips to Do So

Tips to Waking up Early

1. Switch off your lights

Lights off is a catchphrase to indicate a goodnight. Literally, when your lights are switched off you are prone to have a quick sleep take-off and a sound dream.

2. Use your alarm

The alarm will always be an indispensable tool to achieve better nights of sleep and waking early.  Using the alarms could be tricky cause alarms ring mostly at your deep sleep moments. You feel reluctant to wake and instead, you snooze or put off the alarm to continue your sleep. It takes discipline to utilize properly the alarm and allow it to do its job. To wake up early, do use your alarm.

3. Limit your use of electronics

Your laptops, television, and phone screens have tendencies to damage our sleep rate due to a term called blue light. Blue light according to scientists affects the response of our brains making them invulnerable to the hormone responsible for sleep.

You can read more about how the brain gets stimulated through blue light here.

4. Have a sleep schedule

Training yourself to follow a laydown schedule will help you wake up early. The simplest method to abide by a schedule is to do less than what you have been doing before. Go to bed an hour or more before the usual time you go to bed. Stick to this schedule every day and you will become addicted to early rising.  

5. Have a good reason to wake

Sleep sweet but waking early is purposeful. Your waking up early routine does not have to repeat itself for the weekend. The weekend is a period for ultimate rest to reflect and get set for another heavy duty week ahead. You should only wake up early when you need to and not just because you should. This is why having a schedule will help a great deal to protect your mental health.   

6. Reward your early rising

Rewards are great ways of staying excellent at trials and has effectively boosted individual performance. You understand the reason why competing teams and individuals work tenaciously to get the winning cash and trophy.

It is a motivation of work. You can apply this to your routine. It will enable you to cherish the act and enjoy the desired benefits. You can decide to give yourself a rare dish, new gadget, the movies, or even try a woo on your crush. Who knows she might agree.

7. Use your extra moments well

We all have break time during the day, what matters is our we use our break moments. Are you fond of wasting your time during the break. Desist from such because it will tell your productivity at the end of the day. The break time is meant to relax and do the minor duties that we seem to ignore. Rather than procrastinating, the break time is best to execute all of that.

8. Sleep Early

Remember when at childhood you obeyed the adage; “early to bed, early to rise”. So what happened now, you feel you are way bigger and it does not apply anymore. I will tell you a little secret: that saying is still much relevant as it was when you when younger. Do well to live by it. Go to bed early and you rest assured to wake as early as possible.

List of Successful People Who Rise Early

  • Tim Cook
  • Bob Iger
  • Barack Obama
  • Ursula burns
  • And many others


A few minutes ago you were unaware of how to wake early but I showed you how to do so with the benefits of waking early. Hurry up, do it and pass the message to your friends and siblings. You do not want to enjoy the benefits alone.