Canopy Bed Designs and Styles You Might Not Know

There are lots of glamorous canopy bed designs and styles that will turn your bedroom into a wonderland. Canopy beds are specifically chosen for the reasons of warmth and privacy.  If you are sourcing for a dynamic bed design, the canopy bed is good to go because it has the best props for interior designs and they add to the aesthetics of any room. They are best for rooms with high ceilings.


The canopy beds are sometimes called testers due to its Latin origin from the word “testa” meaning “head”. It is not gendered specific, but most cartoons, are known to include them in the rooms of female characters. Cinderella and Snow White had different canopy bed designs in their rooms. Movies like Merlin had Arthur owning a canopy bed.

The canopy bed is held up by four elongated posts (one at each corner of the bed), and the posts are often connected at the top by rods or by whatever material the rest of the bed is made from.

Bed frame

Here is a gallery to peruse, scroll down and enjoy the glamorous canopy designs available.

1. Coastal Style

The canopy style camp beds are in three different embellishments. The Four posters, Lit a la Duchesse, and lit a polonaise. Camp beds were originally used by nobles of old who desired privacy and respect from their servants and maid. The beds shielded them from their servants and maids who also slept in the same room with them. Historical icons like the famous wife of Louis XIV, Marie used these beds.

2. Lovely Lilac

This canopy bed got its name from its unique frame color. The beauty of this bed rests on the cool lilac surface paint that is mostly preferred for a bedroom.

3. Close to nature

This design is outdoor specific. It is well-honed when your backyard is spacious enough. You can be creative about it. But a suggestion that will beat your imaginations to have a huge tree to serve as a shade right there in your backyard.

4. Dreamy Sunshade

A dreamy sunshade is a highly recommended canopy bed design for lovers on a honeymoon. It gives room for lovers to express themselves in the billows of the wind and splash of tiny water by the seaside. The bed is located at the beach sides and supported with strong frames due to weak sandy foundation.

5. Pop Art Extravaganza

It is a bed made out of dexterity. The frame of the bed is circular painted in your wishful color. The color chosen must rhyme with all wall accessories.

6. Sturdy and Vintage

This design has its origin from the Victorian period. It is extravagant and will fit perfectly in your bedroom space.

7. Round Canopy Bed

Canopy beds come in different creative sizes. The round canopy looks a bit puerile but will fit you as an adult if you will like to have the childhood sleeping experience once again.

8. Flowy Curtain

This is similar to the coastal type but less complicated. It is simply framed with four posters attached with a special curtain that can be easily drawn. The curtains are mostly for protection against sunlight while you sleep and they are subject to the billows of the wind when the breezes blow silently.

9. Combo

This canopy bed style is unique in outlook. It is also called the Unique Combination because it has a combination of all wooden frames including the side stools for a side talk. It is suitable for high ceilings and has a high upholstered headboard

10. Worldly Style

It is a captivating canopy bed that is affixed with wooden branches and chandeliers. It is one of the best-created iron covering beds you can discover.  

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Pros of Using Canopy Beds

1. Better Aesthetics

The canopy beds come in different beautiful designs that make your bedroom colorful to behold. The wooden frame defines the aesthetics as they appear uniquely carved based on your choice. It leaves the floor to tweak the arrangement of your room as you deem fit. You can change the cloak anytime you like.

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2. Temperature

Canopy beds come in a four enclosure that keeps you warm always. The warmth can make you lazy and you might end up finding it hard to wake in the morning. A condition called clinomania. The beds also come with thick bedsheets and duvet that encourages sleep.

3. Styling options

Canopy beds can easily be tweaked to your taste. It has a lot of styling options that you can adjust accordingly. Guess what? It comes with a guide to do so, why then should you stress or worry.

Ways to style your Canopy Beds

  1. Use curtains to your taste
  2. Use fairy lights
  3. Make do with throws and pillows
  4. Side bench is not a bad idea

Cons of using Canopy beds

1. Expensive

Unlike minimalistic beds, canopy beds are expensive. It is mostly acquired by those who cherish the extravagant lifestyle. Besides the price, it has an expensive look.

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2. Requires Space

A canopy bed takes a major space of your bedroom. It is broad and well enlarged to take in different creative designs that will fit in the aesthetics of your bedroom.

3. Uses more bedspread

Lots of bedsheets come with making the design of a canopy bed complete. The stress includes having lots of clothes for the laundry.

4. It entices you to bring pets and children into your room

Canopy beds are large enough to take your partner, pets, and any of your relatives. This decision might in the long run cause an inconvenience for you. Also, your room will become choked because you will be so complacent to take more of your pets and relatives into your bedroom.

If your children are allowed into your bedroom, they will turn your bedroom into a mini fun city. The four-poster will serve as swings and poles to hang on to play Peter Pan and Pirates. Your room space could also be turned into a small field of play for the game of soccer.


The canopy bedroom designs come in lightweights and heavyweights. If you leave alone, consider it very well except you have the assistance of your neighbors.

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