Dangers of Eating Before Bed

To an extent, a percentage of the human populace believes the dangers of eating before bed is a myth. This should not be so because taking your dinner just before your sleep time could be dangerous and harm your sleep rate.

Avoiding rounds of dinner before bed is tagged to be a Gen X  and Baby boomer’s idea. Therefore, failure to live by that idea will only affect those in the age-grade. Now you know the reason you the millennials and Gen Z stay till mid-night to have their servings of dinner before sleep yet nothing affects you.

Bed: dangers of eating late at night

This confidence of “nothing happens to me if I eat my satisfying snack just before sleep” has made you neglect some dangers you might be posing to yourself irrespective. Here are the dangers of eating before sleep you should know.

1. Indigestion

Popularly believed that sleep helps in the digestion of food eaten last. Sleep becomes helpless when your dinner is taken just immediately. It loses its capability to achieve the task of aiding digestion. The digestion process is slowed if the food taken was about an hour or thirty minutes. The metabolism involved in food digestion is just as inactive as your body is when you sleep even if your brain is still active.

2. Heartburn

When your food is not digested, the result is severe heartburn. Especially if you consumed legumes just before bed. The heartburn is worse if you are a stomach sleeper. Placing your chest on the bed compresses the air space for your chest region. This will force you into a sharp pain in your chest and you will so uncomfortable to have a sound sleep.

If you do manage to sleep with the heartburn probably because you have a match to represent your school, the pain will rollover. Would you rather forfeit that doughnut or you forfeit the trophy of the game ahead of you?

Have you stopped late-night eating yet, the heartburn persists. Check the medical ways to stop heartburn here.

3. Sleep Quality

Knowing the best ways to sleep without snoring at night can be difficult but you can learn how to do so here. Even if you try all the secrets to having a good sleep, the quality of your sleep will be hindered by the kind and time of dinner you took right before you went to bed.

Eating heavy foods can affect the weight of your tummy. It drags your relaxing speed when you lay on the bed. Your sleep of eight hours becomes hampered due to a round baked dough you ate for a few minutes. Imagine losing 8 hours for a 5 minutes cereal? You wouldn’t try that.


4. Your Weight

As this might seem a bit of a blessing, it could be a major danger for your health because weight gain when excessive simply puts you on the track of getting obese. Your body loses excessive sugar and calories more during the day. Unlike the night when it is impossible to work out or stress your muscles.

The type of food you take just before you eat makes it easy to gain weight that will not like. You might have thought of gaining extra kilos by eating two slices of cake with a bottle of wine. When in the actual sense, these combinations will help in giving you an additional 5 to 6 kg because you were not able to burn out the excess part of fat. Eating them two hours before sleep will help a great deal rather than one hour or thirty minutes before going to bed.


Giving up your bedtime snack, cheese and cereal should not be a big deal if you truly know it will harm your health. Looking at the dangers it poses, if I were you I will let go without hesitating. If you are addicted, reschedule your eating timeline.

Take your food consecutively and make sure you take a satisfactory balanced diet. This will prevent you from having to take that tasty snack at night before you lay on your bed to have that sound sleep.