When Is The Best Time to Buy a Mattress?

When is the best time to buy a mattress? The holidays, the end of Spring, and Winter are the best time to buy a mattress.

Knowing the best time to buy a market product simply means you are strategic and you know how to shop well. It takes great knowledge and skill to shop for your mattress and even your consumables like the grocery.

In this article, I will share with you the best time to buy a mattress. Read on!

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On Holidays

1. May

Many stores offer a great price slash on mattresses in May. Some go as far as giving a 70% reduction. As a consumer, you need to do a reminder for the month of May so you can take absolute advantage of this price slash.

Here is why stores stress harder to give price slash in the month of May. There is a general agreement for all retailers to get new stock in the month of June. Therefore, they work extra to remove old goods from their stores. Efforts involved in these removals dictate the price of the mattresses left in the stores.

Memorial weekend is also one reason why the month of May is a perfect time to buy mattresses. Discounts and promos are placed on mattresses bought in this period; for the sake of the day which is to remember fallen military heroes of the country.

2. President’s Day

In honor of the first and former president of the United States (George Washington), every third Monday in February is declared as a holiday. On this day, retailers entice buyers to get new mattresses as the first major holiday of the year.

Buyers should keep eyes on best deals because every store including online retailers compete on the best deals to attract customers so as to make more sales.

3. Black Friday

One of the most common times every consumer does shopping is Black Friday. Everyone takes advantage of this as retailers give a huge reduction on all goods including mattresses. All top brands partake in the Black Friday price reduction. So it is an opportunity for you to buy that best mattress brand you desire so much.

4. Thanksgiving Day

This holiday usually marks the beginning of all Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Here is what retailers do to mark Thanksgiving Day; in a bid to rejoice with family and loved ones, promotional deals are out on mattresses.

Besides in preparation for new stock of mattresses coming in the coming year, low prices are placed on the goods to push off all old stock and make space available for new ones.

5. July 4

Oh, did we forget the most cherished national holiday? July 4. Stores give out goods at discounted prices on this day there are some situations when some retailers slash a mattress price to a generous level of 60% reduction. Why then should you not take advantage of this? Now mark this date on your calendar as a reminder.

6. Veteran’s Day

On this day, buyers are allowed to shop more with less. Well, not all stores give discounts on the prices of mattresses but a majority. Remember the plans you made with your budget, therefore you have to take advantage of this 50% reduction given to mattresses to mark Veteran’s Day.

7. Labor Day

The contributions of workers to national prosperity in the United States are well noted and in appreciation, the government dedicated every first Monday of September as a work-free day.

Guess what, retailers in the country also give honor to all working-class by making sure goods sold that day are sold at generous discounts. Coupons are also given to all who buy from stores online. You should take advantage of this day as you are sure to receive free pillows when you buy mattresses at discounts.

Let me also tell you something, shippings are also free for those who shop online. That’s how generous retailers can be on Labor’s Day.

8. Amazon Prime Day

This is a joyous day for all Amazon prime users. It runs for two days in July. On these days, you will get the best deals on mattresses even for top brands.

Aside, some other stores compete to get customers on their side too when these sales go on. therefore they give discounts on sales of mattresses. Now as a buyer whether you are using Amazon Prime or not you have good options to choose from.

9. Cyber Monday

The price reduction on Cyber Mondays can only be enjoyed by consumers who buy their mattresses online. This holiday falls the next Monday just after Black Friday. Looking for the benefits of shopping online, this should be your answer. There is a spillover of price reductions and available coupons on goods from Black Friday.

At Season’s End

Every season plays a role in the price of goods. As a buyer, you should know this and put it into consideration when making decisions on the best time to buy the best mattress.

End of Winter

Sellers also obey the call of changing weather, to stock, and restock based on the start and end of seasons. At the end of winter, retailers make new purchases of mattresses either to add to the available goods or to replace the old stock.

As a buyer, you can easily detect when a store just restocked. You will quickly notice the difference between old and new mattresses. It is a call to action for you to demand an affordable price if no discount has been placed on the old mattresses.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should I buy a mattress online?

Shopping online is one of the easiest steps taken to improve the conditions of consumers who find it a little bit hard to shop at stores. To buy a mattress online, you need to know how you can successfully buy the best one without stress and at the most affordable price.

2. What month should I buy a mattress?

The favorite months to buy a mattress are the months of May and November. In May, all stores push out old goods to get set for new intakes.

3. What mattress brand should I get?

There are many mattress brands to look out for when these holidays start rolling in. The following are best brands with record of high discounts; the Saatva mattress, Casper mattress, Nectar mattress, and the Helix mattress.

4. What is the best time to buy a box spring?

The time you buy a mattress is the best time you should buy a box spring. There are many reasons to desire a bed spring but the foremost of them all is to raise your mattress bed higher.


To sum it all, as a buyer who aims to have a better sleep each of these days is more than enough for you to decide on when to buy a mattress. You have to also take note that price slash varies depending on the seller or retailer you approach.

When your mattress reaches its expiration date, do well to manage it until any one of these best times; holidays, end of winter, or summer comes before you make a purchase. No store will reduce its prices on any other day. Now you know what to do, take maximum advantage of this accurate market prediction. That’s the secret to spend less and buy more.